This is a new feature in Revit 2012.  You can access it by double clicking on the text of any dimension segment.  Have a look at the images below for more information:

Segment Dimension Leader Visibility drop-down box
Some possible combinations

What I really want is a global override or option to turn dimension leaders ON or OFF for all newly created dimensions…

A great list showing the Visibility/Graphics priority, thanks to Revit Fix.  From most powerful to least powerful:

  1. Line Work Tool
  2. Override graphics in view by elements
  3. Filters
  4. View Depth -Beyond system line type (plan views only)
  5. Phasing graphic overrides
  6. Advanced model graphics – silhouette edges.
  7. Visibility / Graphic overrides – Halftone
  8. Visibility / Graphic overrides – Override host layers (Cut line styles)
  9. Visibility / Graphic overrides – (projection & cut lines)
  10. Project object styles

Revit Fix: Battle of the “line” overrides

You have two views, and you want a DWG Import or Link to be displayed the same in both views.  What is the quickest way to accomplish this?

  1. Copy DWG from first view.
  2. Paste Aligned into second view.
  3. On second view, right-click in Project Browser.
  4. Apply View Template – then ‘Show Views’
  5. Select the first view.
  6. Uncheck everything except the item related to ‘Import’ visibility.
  7. OK!

Here is a quick video:

In another post, I discussed the feedback form that allows you to make suggestions directly to Autodesk.

Yesterday, I made this suggestion:
When overriding a Category in view by using:
Select element
Right click Override – graphics in view
The resulting dialog should give focus to the relevant ‘line’. For instance, if I choose to override Railings, the dialog appears but the line for Railings is not visible – you need to scroll down to find this line in the V/G dialog. The dialog should automatically scroll and give focus to the appropriate line. Luke

And received this response:Thank you for contacting us with your feedback. When applying the override the category does get selected but the box does not scroll. It would be a nice touch if it did that action for you as well as selecting the category.
I will pass this suggestion along to the development team for further consideration.If you have a valid suggestion, I recommend that you click on the feedback form below and make yourself heard:

Let’s say you have isolated a few categories, and you have included Dimensions so that they are still visible.

However, your dimensions are no longer showing the Centerline symbol text – do you know why?

It is because this item is on a different category to dimensions themselves. In my case, I had to turn on the ‘Generic Annotation’ category in order to show this text.