I would love to be able to press one button and see all of the current Autodesk products that I have installed disappear.  No, I’m not souring on Autodesk 🙂  It’s just that often the different suites and products do not play nice when trying to install them in an environment with existing Autodesk products of the same generation.

Autodesk has provided some tools to automatically uninstall certain products:

How to perform an automated uninstallation of the AutoCAD Design Suite 2013 family of products
The provided uninstall tool will detect and uninstall 32-bit or 64-bit versions of AutoCAD Design Suite 2013 (English only).

ADSUninstallTool.exe (exe – 844Kb)

How to perform an automated uninstallation of AutoCAD 2012 and Autodesk Design Suite 2012 Family Products
The uninstall tool will remove folders and registry keys related to the uninstalled product and plug-ins.

psebuninstalltool.exe (exe – 846Kb)

Unfortunately, I can not find tools to uninstall all Autodesk products of all generations, nor can I find specific tools to uninstall Building Design Suites. Can you find anything?

Currently most of the content is focused on AutoCAD and 3DSMax.  This initiative is somewhat similar to Mosaic.  However, Mosaic does require you to use your Autodesk SSO (single sign on).  You can also check out the Revit Wikihelp Twitter feed.

The Autodesk / scoop.it links to watch out for are below:

“service and support tips, tricks, updates, news, and solutions “
Support News Network

From a learning / training perspective:
Learn | Create | Make

Do you want to join the Revit User Experience team and you have very specific experience in construction modeling?  Autodesk asked me to post the message below the bar:
You are an expert in modeling for construction. You pursued this career path because you are energized by complex problems, passionate about getting the details right, and convinced that technology can shape our environment. You are a designer at heart. You are able to lead and also follow. You want to work collaboratively with a team of equally committed, talented, and driven professionals.

If this is you, we’d like you to consider joining our team as a user experience designer for Revit, focused on modeling for construction. Don’t worry if you’ve never written a line of code or designed a software application, if you are the right candidate, we can teach you what you need to know user experience design.

Are you excited by this opportunity? If so, you can review the full position posting here. Please send a statement of interest and resume to chris.yanchar@autodesk.com. Want to wow us? Send us a link to some work of which you are really proud and tell us about your role in making it real.

The inevitable clash between Autodesk and M-SIX is beginning to surface on Twitter.  Let’s have a look at a few recent ‘conversations’:

Firstly, we now measure the success of BIM in degrees:

In comes Autodesk:

And on and on it goes…

“From an industry perspective, we have really been expanding BIM across the lifecycle, starting with architects when we first moved Revit, and then with the engineering disciplines, and now we are pushing out from the design disciplines into construction with the MEP fabrication application MAP that we acquired last year,” Lynch said.

“And from a technology standpoint,” Lynch continued, “Autodesk is very clear about our direction to increase the services we deliver through the cloud, through infinite computing and mobility. Vela is all cloud based and runs on mobile devices and is tightly aligned with our focus on mobility to the cloud.”

Acquisition of Vela Systems Puts Mobile BIM On Autodesk’s Fast Track | ENR: Engineering News Record | McGraw-Hill Construction

If you want to know more about Vela:
Vela Systems provides Field Management Software for construction. Unlike carrying pads of paper and tubes of drawings on the jobsite, Vela Systems combines mobile technologies and BIM at the point of construction with reporting for management.

To further promote the BIM approach to those who think it is too complicated and too expensive, Autodesk will launch a version of Revit LT, which will be delivered at the same time that Autocad LT for 200 € more, or a total investment of € 1 500. “We have more than one million legal licenses of AutoCAD LT in the ACS in the world which we will propose a change and this bundle.” For the record, a license of Revit is worth about € 6,500. “For those who have complex needs but punctual, we will also propose in the course of a monthly rental for € 200 per month for a full Revit or € 40 per month for Revit LT”.

via Google Translate of (PLM: Autodesk at the forefront of BIM – Industry and Technologies)
of http://www.industrie.com/it/plm-autodesk-a-la-pointe-du-bim.12697

It seems that this information originated with Nicolas Mangon, Senior Director AEC Strategy and Marketing at Autodesk.

Heads-up from Revitez

If 446 MB is a bit steep for your Ipad, maybe an 18 MB PDF is more appropriate?
Download this .pdf version of the first Autodesk design book to view on your computer or tablet device.

Imagine Design Create (pdf – 17793Kb)

Autodesk – Book – Imagine Design Create

This is not exactly the same as the interactive Ipad app, but it seems much of the printed content is similar.  Here is a link to the free Ipad app:
Autodesk® Imagine, Design, Create
By Autodesk Inc.

It’s not quite ‘Live Free or Die’, but Autodesk needs to acknowledge the dichotomy that exists between these two aphorisms:

  • Develop innovative software
  • Buy someone else’s innovation and integrate it into your own homogenous ecosystem

I enjoyed the following paragraph from SARUG:

One thing is very clear, Autodesk needs to seek out, listen and respond, through product development, to the end users of their products in order to prioritize and target improvements to their software.  Without that tactical approach they run the risk of client migration to another more responsive solution, (can you say “AutoCAD to Revit (pre Autodesk) circa 2000”) and will be relegated to buying innovative solutions rather than developing them and then having to deal with the two way communication issue anyway.

SARUG End of Year Meeting 2011 � Southern Arizona Revit User Group