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In Revit Structure,  you can select a number of elements and then ‘save’ that selection as a Selection Set.  That selection set automatically becomes a Filter that can be used in Visibility / Graphics.  Very handy!

Now, why should us Revit Architecture users be without this time-saving, highly useful feature?

Here is what you can do – go to the feedback form at Autodesk – Contact Us – Products.  Fill it out in a similar way to that shown below:

Here is some text you could put (copy-paste) in the box:
Autodesk should release the ‘Save Selection’ feature from Revit Structure to Revit Architecture users.  This feature would increase productivity and be highly useful for many RAC Users.  Ideally, this function would be available on the Multi-Select ribbon panel.

Let’s see how long it takes before we get some action!

Here are the previous posts where I have mentioned the Autodesk feedback form:
What Revit Wants: Legacy Mass Forms – follow up
What Revit Wants: V/G Dialog does not scroll when Overriding Category

In another post, I discussed the feedback form that allows you to make suggestions directly to Autodesk.

Yesterday, I made this suggestion:
When overriding a Category in view by using:
Select element
Right click Override – graphics in view
The resulting dialog should give focus to the relevant ‘line’. For instance, if I choose to override Railings, the dialog appears but the line for Railings is not visible – you need to scroll down to find this line in the V/G dialog. The dialog should automatically scroll and give focus to the appropriate line. Luke

And received this response:Thank you for contacting us with your feedback. When applying the override the category does get selected but the box does not scroll. It would be a nice touch if it did that action for you as well as selecting the category.
I will pass this suggestion along to the development team for further consideration.If you have a valid suggestion, I recommend that you click on the feedback form below and make yourself heard:

With regard to my recent posts about using legacy mass forms, I would like to let you know how Autodesk responded to some feedback I gave them.
Basically, I used the Feedback Form at this link to make the following suggestion to Autodesk:

The 2009 massing tool should be available in the project environment, as well as the 2010 conceptual massing tool. Although there is a workaround (pasting a 2009 mass into a 2010/2011 project), this is not desirable. Please reinstate an option for the 2009 massing tool, which includes simple sweep and extrusion forms.

A subject matter expert at Autodesk responded with the following:

Thank you for contacting us. Being able to access older massing operations in the project environment as well as the new massing tools could be a valuable addition to help users transition to the new massing tools. In 2011 the massing tools have been updated to give more flexibility in making changes to forms once they have been created. Sketches can be altered using the “dissolve” functionality. This does not totally replace the old massing functionality but does offer some flexibility over the tools in 2010.

I will be sure to pass along your feedback to the development team.

I recommend that you post any sincere feedback and recommendations using this the abovementioned feedback form. Clearly, Autodesk are monitoring and evaluating this feedback.