What would you like us to post about? Got some feedback on the look, feel or functionality of the site? Please comment here and we will try to make What Revit Wants better than ever.

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6 years ago

Hi Luke, just a quick note to point your attention to the fact that the pages are endlessly loading in Chrome – the loading logo on the tab.
good work

6 years ago

nope, all good, but still a fairly long “complete” loading time per page imho (~5sec) compared to other more complex websites (my connection speed is more than decent)

Alex Page
6 years ago

Hi Luke: trying to access your excellent blog on creating additional site location for IFC: this is the old link:
Can you point me in the right direction?

6 years ago

Hi Luke,
I wanted to share a new tool with you and this community. A friend of mine is a developer specialized at tools for Revit and he just released a very powerful tool to combine Revit with the power of Excel. It is basically Excel within Revit.
Have a look here:
I hope you like it!

6 years ago
Reply to  Luke Johnson

I forgot to mention, the tool is called “Tables”