Nice idea from bim42:
Each trade model contain a limited amount of worksets, each draftsman working on his own linked model, so I was able to create the same worksets in my compiled model.
Worksets in the Coordination Model
These worksets can now be used to create filters containing every element of the specified trade.

Revit linked models visibility | BIM 42

The Building Coder has put together a very advanced post that essentially demonstrates that the Revit API can sample an external, continuously changing graphical ‘feed’, and then display this inside Revit itself.  Cool!

Now, I challenge someone to grab the live feed from a webcam looking out a real-life window, and then show me it presenting itself through a Revit Window family 🙂

Here is containing the cleaned up code with all obsolete API usage removed.
Here is a snapshot of RevitWebcam up and running in Revit 2012:
RevitWebcam in Revit 2012
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The Building Coder: Revit Webcam 2012

While you wait for the recording to be published by Autodesk University, grab our presentation, handout and the dataset which includes numerous examples of entourage, analysis, annotation, site and other content as well as hours of fun deconstructing the settings to work them into your office’s best practices. Enjoy and let me know what you think…

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Revit Presentation Graphics That�”POP” – Jason Grant’s Blog – Adaptive Practice by Jason Grant

A great list showing the Visibility/Graphics priority, thanks to Revit Fix.  From most powerful to least powerful:

  1. Line Work Tool
  2. Override graphics in view by elements
  3. Filters
  4. View Depth -Beyond system line type (plan views only)
  5. Phasing graphic overrides
  6. Advanced model graphics – silhouette edges.
  7. Visibility / Graphic overrides – Halftone
  8. Visibility / Graphic overrides – Override host layers (Cut line styles)
  9. Visibility / Graphic overrides – (projection & cut lines)
  10. Project object styles

Revit Fix: Battle of the “line” overrides