Priority of Visibility Overrides in Revit

A great list showing the Visibility/Graphics priority, thanks to Revit Fix.  From most powerful to least powerful:

  1. Line Work Tool
  2. Override graphics in view by elements
  3. Filters
  4. View Depth -Beyond system line type (plan views only)
  5. Phasing graphic overrides
  6. Advanced model graphics – silhouette edges.
  7. Visibility / Graphic overrides – Halftone
  8. Visibility / Graphic overrides – Override host layers (Cut line styles)
  9. Visibility / Graphic overrides – (projection & cut lines)
  10. Project object styles

Revit Fix: Battle of the “line” overrides

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10 years ago

Design options?

Luke Johnson
10 years ago

As per the Revit Fix post:
Design options – to use the line work tool or override graphics in view by elements on items in design options, you must be in edit mode in the design option.

9 years ago

pipe systems is taking priority over visibility graphics. I need my pipe down symbol to not be blocked out by the spaces in the vertical pipe.