You may have to clean up or fix up a mechanical Revit model where the Duct Fittings have become out of sync with the system they are supposedly connected to. For some reason, the System Classification and System Type may not match up. There are at least two ways to fix this:

  • drag and rejoin one of the connectors to the correct system. The system should regenerate.
  • Cut one of the problem elements, then Paste Align – Same Place. After this, you will need to use Connect Into to get the element connected with the system. You might find that doing this on one Fitting will force a regeneration on the entire system, fixing all Duct Fittings with this problem at once.

I have put together a quick screencast for each of these methods:

If you have another way of fixing these problems, feel free to comment. Thanks!

Have you ever wanted to make a Component Family with the Category set to Walls?  Or Roofs?  Or some other system Category?  There are no templates for this, and it doesn’t show up in the Family Category dialog box, so you may think that you limited to using In-Place families when you want the category to be Walls, Roofs or similar.

Think again.

An interesting offshoot of the method that I described at this link is that when you save the In-Place family as an RFA, it adopts the Category that it had AS an In-Place Family!!

In simple terms:

  1. Make an in-place Wall family with some geometry in it.
  2. Save it as an RFA
  3. Load the RFA into your project
  4. It is a Component family with the Category set to Walls!

And guess what – it shows up in a Wall Schedule 🙂  I’m a little scared of what the repercussions of this hack may be, so please use at your own risk.

Have a great weekend everyone!

As I go about my day-t0-day, I come across some very good free programs (some of which I have posted about before – see links at bottom).

Most recently, I have come across the following free utilities:

  • FreeFileSync – for comparing directories
  • RichCopy – very powerful copying utility, for things like network backups etc. Replacement for Robocopy + GUI
  • InfraRecorder – free burning and ISO creating utility
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – just goes from strength to strength. I have used it to connect to our Exchange database at work.
  • GRemote – this utility allows you to control a PC using a Windows Mobile device as an emulated mouse. Can connect either using WiFi or Bluetooth. Useful for Media Centre and Presentations.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials – free antimalware and antivirus program with real time scanning from Microsoft.

Hope you find these helpful!