Dutch Revit standard (template) for download:

Download – RevitGG.nl
Translated version

There is a link to download version 0.8 from Dropbox at this page.

The download includes content like:

  • project template
  • families
  • family templates
  • materials
  • resource files (CAD import / export maps, Shared Parameters and more)

Happily, these standards are Creative Commons licensed.

Heads-up http://www.revitgg.nl

Martí Broquetas list of BIM standards has been updated:
He “turned the list into a table that can be sorted clicking on the headers. THis way it is easy to sort the standards by country,or date or name, etc. 
CAD addict: List of Existing BIM Standards

Also, syou may or may not be aware that before OpenRevitStandards got shut down, I copied the List of Revit content page.  You can find it here:

The sheer volume of different BIM standards can be confusing in itself – and that is without even considering the  
a) usefulness, 
b) applicability, 
c) practicality or 
d) up-to-date-ness 
of these different standards

In any case, a recent and decent list has been started at:
CAD addict: List of Existing BIM Standards

Some other useful links / lists:
Weblinks (big list of Standards on natspec.org)
BIM Standard and BIM Example Drawings Sharing (forum thread)
BIM Libraries | Whole Building Design Guide
BIM/IPD Aus (standards and guidelines with Australian focus)

There has been lots of verbiage flying around the interwebs lately regarding the use of Autodesk trademarks in domain names.  I recently surrendered www.revitprofessionals.com (quite happily), in order to comply with Autodesk’s Trademark Guidelines for Use.

Additionally, David Light and I have been in discussion with Autodesk about blogs containing the Revit trademark at .blogspot.com

Happily, Autodesk has allowed these .blogspot blogs to remain, provided we add a simple disclaimer:

Again, I was quite happy to do this.

Working in an architectural firm, I understand the need to protect intellectual property, and in Autodesk’s case, its trademarks.

I was a little saddened by the decision surrounding OpenRevitStandards (even this link will die soon).  However, I believe that David Fano will be able to re-host the site on some Autodesk-approved domain.  So I believe the OpenRevitStandards will live on, somehow and somewhere (perhaps rising from the ashes like AUGI).

In any case, I would like to again take this opportunity to thank you all for continuing to support this blog, along with other awesome Revit blogs authored by the likes of David Light and Steve Stafford.

EDIT: I think I said ‘happy’ and ‘happily’ too many times …

I recently downloaded the Revit (railing) files from Moddex Systems.  If you want to access them, go to the following page and follow the links to register:
Moddex – CAD Support
(you can also go direct to this registration page)

These files do not yet take advantage of some of the advances made in Revit 2013, that I posted about last week.  However, Moddex are “looking into fast tracking the upgrade”.

I also recently downloaded the free Railing families from BIMstore.  Again, these are not upgraded for 2013.

Don’t forget to check out the online ‘master list’ of Revit content at Links to Revit Content online.  If something is missing, please register and add it to the page.

A while ago, I posted some in-place and component Stairs and Railings.

If you have any particularly great Railing families that you would like to share, feel free to reply using the comments!

While familit do have a browser / content manager add-in, this is a paid product (if you are looking for free family browser, check out tools4revit).  However, the family content itself at familit is free:
At the moment familit.com offers 18.000 free families in English, German and French language.


You don’t even need to register.  Just go to the following link and start downloading:
familit – Revit Family Library

There are quite a few different content ‘standards’ being bandied about lately, from ANZRS to the Revit Model Content Style Guide.

There is a partial list of these content standards at the page below:
Content|Studio Blog: BIM Show Live – Content from inception to reality

Direct link to the current Autodesk Revit Model Content Style Guide:

First off, a couple of links to Exporter add-ins for Revit 2013:
IFC Exporter on Sourceforge
Autodesk Exchange Apps – IFC Exporter for Revit

There have also been a few quite a few posts on other blogs about IFC recently.  Here is a selection:
Using two different versions
I alternate a bit between 2012 and Revit 2013 for optimal import results. Have not quite decided yet on what is best. 13 works faster, but I’ve seen a bug on windows which I love. Right now I use the 2012 imports, and so do I upgrade the file to 13 afterwards. 
Using ADT as a middle-man
If an item … Certainly will not be exported correctly, you can isolate it in a view, export view’et to 3D DWG for ADT and send it to the IFC from ADT. Boring… but it works. I’ve done this on an entire parking garage with a fall in all directions and had to realize that the correct 3D geometry, after all, it is very important.
via Google Translate of http://revitnorge.blogspot.com/2012/04/revit-2013-og-ifc.html

Improved ArchiCAD Connection Add-In for Revit ApplicationsFree Add-In developed for use by Autodesk Revit programs in the  Structure and MEP disciplines. This application is recommended for use  with IFC-based model exchange between GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD and Revit  applications.  The Add-In for Revit  applications variously enables  direct import of ArchiCAD IFC models and IFC model export to ArchiCAD,  or serves to optimize Revit’s standard IFC import and export functions  used to exchange data with ArchiCAD.

Revit Add-Ons: GRAPHISOFT Interoperability Downloads

DP stuff: IFC Export – Revit 2012 (describes various problems with 2012 IFC)
DP stuff: Update – IFC Export -Revit 2013 (issues improved in 2013)

All Things BIM: IFC Export from Revit: Reply
I’ve been monitoring the discussions in the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) group on LinkedIn for some time now and recently saw a post criticizing IFC export from Revit 2012. I saw a few discrepancies in the methods described in the blog post, so I decided to run through the same tests myself. …

Geometry Gym – Revit import Grasshopper IFC addon
You can test for yourself.  Here‘s the grasshopper files used in the demonstration and some example IFC output..  You need to download the latest plugins from http://www.geometrygym.com/downloads


If you aren’t excited about a community sourced list of links to Revit content, then maybe you are interested in a platform-neutral library of … BIM objects?

We are delighted to confirm that following six months of investigation, development, consultation and investment; the National BIM Library will be launched at Ecobuild, 20-22 March 2012.
The National BIM Library, from NBS, is a platform-neutral free to use library of high quality generic and proprietary BIM objects, designed for use in the UK. The library will be revealed on the joint RIBA / NBS stand at Ecobuild (Stands S1630 and S1640) with the first batch of generic BIM objects in IFC, plus native formats from some of the leading CAD software vendors.
The library will build up to become the leading source of free-to-use BIM objects, and over time will also incorporate proprietary manufacturer objects.

The National BIM Library – Building Information Modelling (BIM) article from NBS

EDIT – here is a link to the site.  Just click on the arrow and choose Revit or IFC from the download options