If you aren’t excited about a community sourced list of links to Revit content, then maybe you are interested in a platform-neutral library of … BIM objects?

We are delighted to confirm that following six months of investigation, development, consultation and investment; the National BIM Library will be launched at Ecobuild, 20-22 March 2012.
The National BIM Library, from NBS, is a platform-neutral free to use library of high quality generic and proprietary BIM objects, designed for use in the UK. The library will be revealed on the joint RIBA / NBS stand at Ecobuild (Stands S1630 and S1640) with the first batch of generic BIM objects in IFC, plus native formats from some of the leading CAD software vendors.
The library will build up to become the leading source of free-to-use BIM objects, and over time will also incorporate proprietary manufacturer objects.

The National BIM Library – Building Information Modelling (BIM) article from NBS

EDIT – here is a link to the site.  Just click on the arrow and choose Revit or IFC from the download options

Interesting conversation on Twitter recently – basically Especs and NBS were mentioned as possible methods of linking specifications to Revit.  What method do you use?

Looking into #BIM and #Revit to see how specifications can be directly linked. Via key noting possibly? Anyone had any experiences to date?
@Matt_J_Fox @MarkSchuey You can link you NBS Spec to Revit keynotes using this thenbs.com/support/softwa…

@SteveDeadman @Matt_J_Fox @MarkSchuey Don’t have any experience with it myself, but this looks promising: e-specs.com/especs-revit.h… not free tho!

Twitter / @Matt_J_Fox: Looking into #BIM and #Rev …