Dutch Revit Standards for download

Dutch Revit standard (template) for download:

Download – RevitGG.nl
Translated version

There is a link to download version 0.8 from Dropbox at this page.

The download includes content like:

  • project template
  • families
  • family templates
  • materials
  • resource files (CAD import / export maps, Shared Parameters and more)

Happily, these standards are Creative Commons licensed.

Heads-up http://www.revitgg.nl

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10 years ago

Hi Luke,

Thanks for the mention! However I should point out that we're still in beta testing phase.
That means that there will be quite a few little bugs (especially in the View Templates). And we're still developing content.

We're hoping to publish June 13th, if you don't mind I'll keep you posted on that one.