The sheer volume of different BIM standards can be confusing in itself – and that is without even considering the  
a) usefulness, 
b) applicability, 
c) practicality or 
d) up-to-date-ness 
of these different standards

In any case, a recent and decent list has been started at:
CAD addict: List of Existing BIM Standards

Some other useful links / lists:
Weblinks (big list of Standards on
BIM Standard and BIM Example Drawings Sharing (forum thread)
BIM Libraries | Whole Building Design Guide
BIM/IPD Aus (standards and guidelines with Australian focus)

You may or may not already know that the Australian Revit content includes keynote files for NATSPEC.

I struggle to find keynoting settings every time.

I have previously posted about the NATSPEC BIM Portal

The Natspec Keynotes have been available since at least Revit 2010, possibly earlier:

In relation to ‘element lists’ and Revit standards, the VA BIM Guide is an expansion of the AIA Document E202 BIM Protocol Exhibit – 2008.

You can download a copy via the Web Links/ BIM Standards page of this site [downloads link inserted] (See Main Menu to your left). The VA BIM Guide is the last item in the list. Coincidentally, NATSPEC is in the process of adapting the Guide for Australian use.
National BIM Guide review

The excellent and free Keynote Manager is still available at:
Keynote Manager – Home