I have been receiving a few requests for access to files that were previously linked to What Revit Wants via Google Drive. Somewhere along the line, Google (in its wisdom) decided to change security requirements and now my inbox has been filling up with ‘Share requests’. My opinion on Google business practices in general is pretty well known after this saga.

Some of the more popular files requested in recent times have been:

  • CurvedMullionLJ.zip – from post here about Curved Mullions
  • SetMarksToElementID.zip – from post here
  • PointCloud.zip – from post here
  • Generic Label.rfa – from post here
  • URL Text Symbol Annotation D download.rfa – from post here

In any case, I have now decided to move the hosting of What Revit Wants files and resources to wrw.is and you can view and download them all below.

Note: you will need to login to this site FIRST to see and download the files.


If you are struggling to find updates, hotfixes, patches and other resources for older Autodesk software, try this page:


There is a lot in here:

This is one of the most prolific folders, containing files from about 1998 to 2005:


And what is IFC doing in here?

Pretty cool that Autodesk were supporting IFC 1.5 in 1998:

� Autodesks FTP Product Support Download Page Tech Solutions

While you wait for the recording to be published by Autodesk University, grab our presentation, handout and the dataset which includes numerous examples of entourage, analysis, annotation, site and other content as well as hours of fun deconstructing the settings to work them into your office’s best practices. Enjoy and let me know what you think…

Read more / via
Revit Presentation Graphics That�”POP” – Jason Grant’s Blog – Adaptive Practice by Jason Grant

Heaps of PDF presentations are available at this page. Here are some direct links:

Revit Architecture Forum (17th May 2011) Event Summary and Presentations 31.8MB

Revit MEP Forum (18th May 2011) Event Summary and Presentations 29.9MB”

Revit Structure Forum (12th May 2011) Event Summary and Presentations 19.6MB

Design Visualisation Forum (11th May 2011) Event Summary and Presentations 5.4MB

AutoCAD Civil 3D Forum (13th May 2011) Event Summary and Presentations 16.1MB

Spring User Groups in London:

Just came across this search engine for PDF, DOC and PPT files. It is called http://www.osun.org/


For example, lets say you wanted to see what PDF files are available that include the words ‘ revit families’. Have a look at the results by following the link below:

This could be a very useful site for quickly searching for quality data. If Google can’t find what you are after, give this site a go.

No doubt there are a few utilities that you just can’t do without. Here are a few of my absolute favourites:

  1. CutePDF Writer – just brilliant, and its free!
  2. 7-Zip – best archive utility (in my books), and again, its free!
  3. IrfanView – very fast and very functional image viewing and editing
  4. FolderGuide – if you are still on 32 bit Windows, this is the best way to navigate folders (in my opinion)
  5. CCleaner – great way to clean up after yourself
  6. FileZilla FTP Client – open source FTP client
  7. FREE PDF Tools – these are simply awesome, and yet again, totally free!

That was just a shortlist. I may post some more in future. In the meantime, what are your favourite utilities? Feel free to comment and share them with all of us…