osun.org – Search Engine for PDF DOC PPT !

Just came across this search engine for PDF, DOC and PPT files. It is called http://www.osun.org/


For example, lets say you wanted to see what PDF files are available that include the words ‘ revit families’. Have a look at the results by following the link below:

This could be a very useful site for quickly searching for quality data. If Google can’t find what you are after, give this site a go.

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14 years ago

Thanks, that was very useful. And I also use http://www.usemeplz.com to find pdf files on rapidshare. I think it is also a good search engine, you should try it.

Anders Schreiber Sørensen

I think google is the way to go when finding stuff on the internet.

Try putting this in the google search field:
"revit families" filetype:pdf

Thats gives roughly 1300 results of pdf´s with the keywords provided. You can altso search a site for files using, "keyword" site:www.google.com