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Your stand-alone Autodesk product licenses have become corrupted and you want to know how they can be reset.


Use the following steps to reset the stand-alone licenses for all Autodesk products (version 2010 or higher):
1. Make sure there is no Autodesk product currently running.  If there is, close the application.
2. Rename the adskflex_00691b00_tsf.data file to adskflex_00691b00_tsf.data.old.  This file can be found at the following locations:

Windows XP
C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataFLEXnet

Vista/Windows 7C:ProgramDataFLEXnet

3. Restart your Autodesk product and go through the activation procedure again.
Note: This file contains all product activations for all 2010 and higher Autodesk products installed on your system.  You will need to re-register these products if this file is renamed/deleted.

Autodesk – AutoCAD Services & Support – How to reset your stand-alone Autodesk product licenses

You have installed the Metric content for Autodesk Revit 2013 and found that you are missing two railing template files.


The two missing template files are available for download below:

Metric_Support.rft (rft – 240Kb)
Metric_Termination.rft (rft – 240Kb)

Autodesk – Autodesk Revit Architecture Services & Support – Missing railing templates in metric content


The Autodesk Sync component does not upgrade properly under the following conditions:

  • You installed AutoCAD Beta 2013 (or Showcase Beta 2013) and subsequently install Inventor 2013.
  • You installed Inventor Beta 2013 and subsequently install AutoCAD 2013 (or Showcase 2013 )

A couple of problems arise with this combination of products.
Problem 1: Autodesk Sync from the Beta Product cannot be uninstalled
Problem 2: You will receive a warning message that the Autodesk Sync component cannot be uninstalled during the installation process of the officially released product. You will need to dismiss this dialog and proceed with the installation.
Problem 3: After the installation of the release product is completed, you will find two entries of the Autodesk Sync component listed in Add/Remove Programs.  If you decide to do nothing about this problem, the Beta Product and the release product will continue to work as expected. However, if you decide to remove the two entries of the Autodesk Sync component, you will need to follow the instructions described in the Solution section.  It is not recommended that you uninstall either of the duplicate entries of the Autodesk Sync component, as this action may break the sync functionality.


To replace the two entries of Autodesk Sync by the appropriate single entry of the Autodesk Sync component, follow these instructions:

  1. Download and run preInstall.exe
  2. Uninstall the two Autodesk Sync entries in Add/Remove Programs
  3. Install Autodesk Sync using the standalone installer that comes with the software
  4. Download and run postInstall.exe
preinstall.exe (exe – 23Kb)
postinstall.exe (exe – 23Kb)

Autodesk – AutoCAD Services & Support – Autodesk Sync issues when installing a 2013 release product after installing a 2013 beta product

The last color scheme of some area schemes were lost, therefore the color fill function for that area scheme was also lost in the model and the user is unable to assign it color schemes.


To restore a default color scheme for these problematic area schemes in the Revit Project follow these steps.
  1. Create a new Revit project (project1.rvt) with default template.
  2. In project1.rvt, open the Home > Room & Area > Area and Volume Computations dialog.
  3. On the Area Schemes tab, click the New button to create an area scheme and rename it to match the Area scheme name in the Revit project containing the missing color schemes.
  4. Click OK to exit the dialog.
  5. Switch to the original Revit project file and go to Manage > Transfer Project Standards.
  6. In the dialog, choose Copy from: Project1.
  7. Click the Check None button and select Color Fill Schemes.
  8. Click OK.

Autodesk – Autodesk Revit Architecture Services & Support – Area schemes have lost their color schemes

This hotfix restores the ability to apply material family parameters to faces of family elements using the Paint tool.

Make sure that Update Release 2 has been applied prior to adding the hotfix. Verify that the build number of Revit 2012 is 20110916_2132.

The Readme contains the latest information regarding the installation and use of this update. It is strongly recommended that you read the entire document before you apply the update to your product. For your reference, you should save the Readme to your hard drive or print a copy.

revit_2012_material_hotfix.zip (zip – 4430Kb)
Readme (htm – 87Kb)

Autodesk – Autodesk Revit Architecture Services & Support – Hotfix – Autodesk Revit 2012 – Apply material family parameters using the Paint tool