Check it out at OpenRFA.

There have been some similar attempts in the past. It is a bit of a challenge, because there will often be these ‘custom’ shared parameters that one company needs that are just very unique. But I’m interested to see how OpenRFA continues to grow. No doubt its success will depend on the number of contributors and their engagement.

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Download it here, quick summary below:

  • IfcOpenShell is now our preferred render engine
  • new feature in this release is the “model checking” capability. We implemented model checking in two places: before data is stored in the database, and before a notification to a remote service is send out
  • With the ‘send notification’ features (find it under settings) an e-mail is send out to project members every time a new revision is checked-in
  • new version of BIMserver is already started and progressing very nice

Read the whole article:
Open source BIMserver | Release 1.3.0 final


Most of you already know that VEO is very smart when it comes to document handling – for example, you can easily attach PDFs to elements in the model.  You may have seen my Revit eStorage post, which allowed you to “store” any file on any element in a Revit model.  Now…

The source code for a Revit add-in project allowing you to “Generate QRcodes within Revit 2013 using native Detail objects (filled regions) and group each instance together” has recently been released.

Can you think of some file handling and document management tricks that could be implemented here?  Links to an FTP site, for example, mapped to QR codes in the RVT model?

The link to the github page is:


Twitter / kylemorin: Releasing my code for #qrcode …

IFC Exporter for Revit – at

2013 UI – This contains the IFC alternate Exporter UI for Revit installer compatible with the Revit 2013 series of products. There is no Revit 2012 version of this UI. This replaces the default IFC Export UI in Revit, and adds new functionality such as saving export configurations, and new export options such as saving to ifcXML and ifcZIP file formats. 

2013 – This contains the IFC Exporter for Revit installer compatible with the Revit 2013 series of products. For more information on the difference between 2012 and 2013, check out the [What’s new in 2013] section of the Wiki accessible from this site.

Looking for the latest version? Download IFC Export UI for Autodesk Revit 2013 v1.1.0.msi (561.7 kB)

Revit Norge: Ny open source IFC-exporter til Revit 2013