Revit LT is official – pricing released

To further promote the BIM approach to those who think it is too complicated and too expensive, Autodesk will launch a version of Revit LT, which will be delivered at the same time that Autocad LT for 200 € more, or a total investment of € 1 500. “We have more than one million legal licenses of AutoCAD LT in the ACS in the world which we will propose a change and this bundle.” For the record, a license of Revit is worth about € 6,500. “For those who have complex needs but punctual, we will also propose in the course of a monthly rental for € 200 per month for a full Revit or € 40 per month for Revit LT”.

via Google Translate of (PLM: Autodesk at the forefront of BIM – Industry and Technologies)

It seems that this information originated with Nicolas Mangon, Senior Director AEC Strategy and Marketing at Autodesk.

Heads-up from Revitez

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12 years ago

I anticipate that Revit LT will be tweaked in some way from the form it now takes as Project Spark. I guess (hope) the feedback from users will steer the features in the final release. One issue I have with Spark is that it does not allow Groups.It seems a rather arbitrary thing to remove as a feature and it might put some people off. Also I can see one issue where someone imports the file into the full version of Revit (I assume this will be possible) due to its use of simplified materials and has to spend a… Read more »

jake Allen
11 years ago

Wow i am quite pretty excited about Revit LT. I am too stuck with the old model and i heard some positive reviews this new one!

Miranda Stahl
11 years ago

I will assume that you are an AutoCAD user then.
Revit LT System Requirements