Musings on Autodesk's Develop or Buy approach

It’s not quite ‘Live Free or Die’, but Autodesk needs to acknowledge the dichotomy that exists between these two aphorisms:

  • Develop innovative software
  • Buy someone else’s innovation and integrate it into your own homogenous ecosystem

I enjoyed the following paragraph from SARUG:

One thing is very clear, Autodesk needs to seek out, listen and respond, through product development, to the end users of their products in order to prioritize and target improvements to their software.  Without that tactical approach they run the risk of client migration to another more responsive solution, (can you say “AutoCAD to Revit (pre Autodesk) circa 2000”) and will be relegated to buying innovative solutions rather than developing them and then having to deal with the two way communication issue anyway.

SARUG End of Year Meeting 2011 � Southern Arizona Revit User Group

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