You are going to RTC.  Will it be amazing?  Probably.  But will you get the most out of it?  That is completely up to YOU.  Here are a few pointers.

  1. Drink lots of coffee (in moderation, of course)
  2. Talk to as many people as you can – target the people who you have made contact with online but haven’t met in person
  3. Get your own name out there in conversation – make sure you say something memorable, like “this Rivett program is cool, hey”
  4. If you get bored, go get another coffee

Here is the golden tip – for each session that you attend, make a note of 2 (two) things that you think you can use.  These may be

  • timesavers,
  • ways to customize your Revit environment,
  • online resources you didn’t know about,
  • anything that could improve your personal workflow or your company standards.

But aim for 2 points per session.  More points make it difficult to actually recall and apply them, less and you are not getting your RTC value-for-money.

Have fun!

PS – Feel free to post your own ‘survival tips’ in the comments…

I haven’t really played with this, but theoretically you could:

  1. Import a Sketchup file into Vectorworks
  2. Vectorworks will attempt to create floors, roofs and walls
  3. Export to IFC
  4. Import into your BIM program of choice…

When importing a sketchup document, by default it will attempt to import the file as if it were an architectural design document, it will try to determine which objects are floors, roofs and walls.
Vectorworks KnowledgeBase :: 3rd Party File Formats – Google SketchUp

There are quite a few renumbering add-ins available for Revit.  This free little package from CTC includes a tool to renumber both Rooms and Doors…

Room and Door Renumber for Revit 2013 – CTC

Sequence numbering on doors numbers doors independently. The tool remembers the previous door’s number and will maintain the proper sequence on subsequent doors.

More info:
Revit Renumbering Video Tutorial – 2:00
pdf Revit Renumbering Product Information
Revit Renumbering available on Autodesk Exchange:
You can also get Imaginit Room Renumber on Exchange at:
Autodesk Exchange Apps

IFC Exporter for Revit – at

2013 UI – This contains the IFC alternate Exporter UI for Revit installer compatible with the Revit 2013 series of products. There is no Revit 2012 version of this UI. This replaces the default IFC Export UI in Revit, and adds new functionality such as saving export configurations, and new export options such as saving to ifcXML and ifcZIP file formats. 

2013 – This contains the IFC Exporter for Revit installer compatible with the Revit 2013 series of products. For more information on the difference between 2012 and 2013, check out the [What’s new in 2013] section of the Wiki accessible from this site.

Looking for the latest version? Download IFC Export UI for Autodesk Revit 2013 v1.1.0.msi (561.7 kB)

Revit Norge: Ny open source IFC-exporter til Revit 2013

a Revit plug-in that you can assign 5 of your most often used views.
It is super simple in operation. When you run it for a very first time none of the views are set and you have to set those that you want to be able to access by clicking on the “Set/Reset” button

 download page to get the installation files or download them directly from here.

DP stuff: QuickViewAccess for Revit 2012, Access Your Most Often Used Views

I requested a 2013 version from Dima Chiriacov in the comments – he replied that one will be available ‘very soon’…

QuickViewAcces 2013 Revit Addin – dp Stuff

QuickViewAccess 2014 Revit Addin – dp Stuff

EDIT:  The free content at vyonyx has been moved to

Are you getting tired of using the same RPC people and trees in all your Revit renders?  Maybe you should try adding some of these free trees and people in your render post-editing program (such as Photoshop):

Cutout People | VYONYX

Cutout Trees | VYONYX

From their Disclaimer: All the contents in our download section are absolutely free of any charge and there is no limitation on their personal or commercial use! …

Along similar lines, I previously posted about Immediate Entourage here.

vyonyx also host:
Textures | VYONYX
References | VYONYX (think water, grass, backgrounds etc)