Aaron Maller, aka twiceroadsfool, has been sharing his Revit door family package on RevitForum for the past few years. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out his post in the thread here:

In the thread, he gives instructions on how the door families work, and a link to download the 179mb zip package:
First important part. The way they work is you only place the ones that say DOOR at the beginning of their name, obviously.

Download Link for the v4 Doors, a sample file with the doors in them, and the Door Schedule accompanying them, is here:

Thanks for sharing Aaron!

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Heads-up via http://notanotherrevit.blogspot.com.au/

I recently posted about a Window Studio, now here is a Door and Door Hardware Studio (addin for Revit) …  Assa Abloy Openings Studio (AOSS).

Unfortunately, it is very limited in availability.  When I inquired about it, Assa Abloy told me:
Not at this time we let it to professionals who we work with directly.
The main problem is that it is an American tool for our North American

So sorry it is not available at this time.

Interesting chat on Twitter as to its usefulness:

Company link:
Openings Studio – assaabloydss.com – School Safety, Locks, Doors, Access Control

Note: you don’t need to put in your address when filling in the register form…

There is the beginnings of a tutorial channel on Youtube:

Door Scheduling Made Easy Thanks To ‘Openings Studio’ By ASSA ABLOY | Floosted by Architizer .
72 min NYC-RUG session about ASSA ABLOY Openings Studio for Revit on Vimeo:

ASSA ABLOY Openings Studio for Revit from Alfred Huang on Vimeo.

Related NYC-RUG link:
ASSA ABLOY Openings Studio for Revit. – New York City Revit User Group (New York, NY) – Meetup

Twitter conversation

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Architizer Blog � Door Scheduling Made Easy Thanks To ‘Openings Studio’ By ASSA ABLOY

There are quite a few renumbering add-ins available for Revit.  This free little package from CTC includes a tool to renumber both Rooms and Doors…

Room and Door Renumber for Revit 2013 – CTC

Sequence numbering on doors numbers doors independently. The tool remembers the previous door’s number and will maintain the proper sequence on subsequent doors.

More info:
Revit Renumbering Video Tutorial – 2:00
pdf Revit Renumbering Product Information
Revit Renumbering available on Autodesk Exchange:
You can also get Imaginit Room Renumber on Exchange at:
Autodesk Exchange Apps

Sometimes you may want to use a Door or Window family that is not hosted by a particular wall.  That way, if the host wall is deleted, the unhosted component will still persist.  Here’s how:

  1. New – Family – Generic Model
  2. Draw something
  3. Family Category and Parameters – change to Door or Window
  4. You may wish to set to Work Plane Based (so you can schedule by Level)
  5. Save
  6. Load into project
  7. ‘Door’ command – you can choose your unhosted Door family, but it does not need to be placed in a wall.  It can ‘live’ independently.

These unhosted components can be useful if you want to retain schedule information for a door that has been removed from the project design.  You can make an unhosted door that only has a few invisible symbolic lines in it – nothing that will print, but it will still schedule and can have a Description like “Door deleted from Construction Set”.