'Favourite Views' add-in for Revit 2012 (Access Your Most Often Used Views)

a Revit plug-in that you can assign 5 of your most often used views.
It is super simple in operation. When you run it for a very first time none of the views are set and you have to set those that you want to be able to access by clicking on the “Set/Reset” button

 download page to get the installation files or download them directly from here.

DP stuff: QuickViewAccess for Revit 2012, Access Your Most Often Used Views

I requested a 2013 version from Dima Chiriacov in the comments – he replied that one will be available ‘very soon’…

QuickViewAcces 2013 Revit Addin – dp Stuff

QuickViewAccess 2014 Revit Addin – dp Stuff

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Dima Chiriacov
11 years ago

Revit 2013 version is posted at the Downloads page http://dimak1999.blogspot.com/p/free-stuff-downloads.html

interior design firms
11 years ago

good information shared!!!