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how to make using virtual systems a reality for architect’s implementing BIM within a multidisciplinary project team. After a short introduction covering the key steps, we will also be covering the following points:

  • A real time BIM case study from a small practice
  • Managing documentation and business process
  • How architects should collaborate using BIM
  • What it means for design work-flow and productivity
  • Hear the lessons and pitfalls of BIM for small practices

Note: this event seems to be sponsored by Nemetschek Vectorworks.

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Ryan Schultz is working on Revit–>IFC–>Revit translations, and he has created a open source page as a focus for test and sample files.  Here is the link:

Interestingly, Ryan is looking into IFC translations with ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, Microstation, Tekla and others.  The mixed environment of BIM software on collaborative projects is proving a challenge to many teams.  Ok, we can’t all work with Revit (maybe one day), but for now we have to find a way to share our models with high geometry fidelity and without losing the actual intelligence of BIM data.

I’m sure Ryan would be keen to hear from you, perhaps via Twitter or the github page.

Let’s work together to learn how to work together…


As we all expected, with its 2014 version Sketchup is increasing its BIM capability, including object classification and IFC export.

Get it at:
Download SketchUp | SketchUp


“Check out these post on the new version of SketchUp 2014:”

I haven’t really played with this, but theoretically you could:

  1. Import a Sketchup file into Vectorworks
  2. Vectorworks will attempt to create floors, roofs and walls
  3. Export to IFC
  4. Import into your BIM program of choice…

When importing a sketchup document, by default it will attempt to import the file as if it were an architectural design document, it will try to determine which objects are floors, roofs and walls.
Vectorworks KnowledgeBase :: 3rd Party File Formats – Google SketchUp