2018 has received its first little update, but the 2017 is a bit more significant. More info and links below…

Revit 2018.0.1 Hot Fix
Release Notes


  • Improved stability when using the pick line tool.*
  • Improved data integrity of the local project files after download operation when using Collaboration for Revit.

Revit 2017.2.1 Update 
Release Notes



Do you want to create a shareable cloud-based resource for your Autodesk updates? Here is one way:

  1. Create a folder in one of your local cloud based mirror locations, for example:
    C:yourpathGoogle DriveAUTODESK_UPDATES
    C:UsersLuke JohnsonAppDataLocalAutodeskAutodesk SyncCloudluke.johnsonAUTODESK_UPDATES
    C:yourpathSharePointVirtual Built BIM Tools – DocumentsVirtual Built BIM ToolkitAUTODESK_UPDATES
  2. Share the folder with one of your local Windows users (could be your own username) by using Properties – Sharing.
  3. You will be able to access it in Windows explorer now as:
  4. Copy that address into your Autodesk Application Manager:
  5. Any future updates you install will be copied to that folder, and thus sync’ed up to the cloud folder. Now…
  6. On the PC you want to sync to, sync that shared Cloud folder down to a local location (usually this is using “Add to my OneDrive” or “Add to my Google Drive” feature)
  7. Do step 2 on this PC
  8. In Application Manager Manager, do step 4 on this PC
  9. Basically, for every pc you want to hook up just do steps 6-8.

You now have a bidirectional, self-hosted mirror in the cloud of any Autodesk updates that you do on any of the PCs you hook up in this way. This should make most of the updates you need auto-sync between your computers, meaning less waiting to download the same update multiple times 🙂

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Download Office Deployment Tool
  2. Modify the configuration xml to include Updates Enabled TRUE and Current Branch info, as well as Display Level Full. Looks something like this for 32bit ProPlus (but I forget the DisplayLevel setting below):
  3. Run the setup command to download, like this
  4. After, download of Office 2016 has completed, run the installation command to install:
    setup.exe /configure c:Officeconfiguration.xml

Got this from Jetze’s blog:
to upgrade Office 365 ProPlus on a single computer to, just follow this procedure.

  1. Download the Office Deployment Tool and extract the files to a temporary location, for instance C:Office.
  2. Make a backup of the configuration.xml file and edit the contents to something similar to this:

    Note that the value for Branch is set to Current. Other valid values are Business or Validation (First Release).

  3. Execute .setup.exe /download c:Officeconfiguration.xml to download the Office files to your local computer, this may take a while.
  4. Next start the installation with .setup.exe /configure c:Officeconfiguration.xml

During the installation of Office you will be prompted to save your work and close any opened Office programs.

Jetze’s blog: Office 2016 update branches and how to force an upgrade for Office 365 ProPlus

The focus of Autodesk Navisworks 2015 Service Pack 3 is the resolution of Revit interoperability issues. Service Pack 3 does resolve issues identified in other parts of the product, we recommend you refer to the supporting documentation for the detail.

Download Navisworks 2015 SP3

Autodesk_Navisworks_2015_Service_Pack_3_Multilingual_Freedom_64bit.msp (msp – 202.29Mb)
Autodesk_Navisworks_2015_Service_Pack_3_Multilingual_Manage_64bit.msp (msp – 269.44Mb)
Autodesk_Navisworks_2015_Service_Pack_3_Multilingual_Simulate_64bit.msp (msp – 269.45Mb)

Navisworks 2015 Features (English)
Navisworks 2015 Installation (English)


EDIT: Subtle change – dragged window selections and markup are now filled blue in colour

Remember to update your exporter if necessary:
2015: NavisworksExporters2015.exe

Here you go:

Revit 2014 Update Release 3

Revit 2014 UR3 (32-bit) (exe – 68327Kb)
Revit 2014 UR3 (64-bit) (exe – 106583Kb)

Revit Architecture 2014 Update Release 3

Revit Architecture 2014 UR3 (32-bit) (exe – 68327Kb)
Revit Architecture 2014 UR3 (64-bit) (exe – 106583Kb)

Revit Structure 2014 Update Release 3

Revit Structure 2014 UR3 (32-bit) (exe – 68327Kb)
Revit Structure 2014 UR3 (64-bit) (exe – 106583Kb)

Revit MEP 2014 Update Release 3

Revit MEP 2014 UR3 (32-bit) (exe – 68327Kb)
Revit MEP 2014 UR3 (64-bit) (exe – 106583Kb)

Revit LT 2014 Update Release 3

Revit LT 2014 UR3 (32-bit) (exe – 68327Kb)
Revit LT 2014 UR3 (64-bit) (exe – 106583Kb)

Installation Readme files and Enhancements Documentation are available on each product page.



“Official” links have now appeared.  Enhancements Lists are finally here:
RVT enhancements
RAC enhancements
RST enhancements
RME enhancements

Original direct links are below the first line.

Another Autodesk post describes how UR2 improves building analysis, including:

  • improved handling of sandwiched materials (mm…mmmm)
  • improvement to Analytical Surface precision of around 10-20%

Read more:

Onebox – Direct link for RVT version:

Revit Architecture – Direct link for RAC version:

Revit Structure – Direct link for RST version:

Revit MEP – Direct link for MEP version:



Official pages:
Revit 2014 (One Box) Update 2
RAC 2014 Update 2
RST 2014 Update 2
RME 2014 Update 2

Main Autodesk page for RAC
Note: After Update Release is applied correctly the build number specified on the Help>About dialog will be 20131024_2115.

Readme (select language version):

English (htm – 30Kb)
Enhancements Documentation (select language version):

English (pdf – 208Kb)

Is available, if you use the Communications Center in your Revit 2014 product.

Direct Download for Revit 2014 Update Release 1:


The Live Updater from in-program uses mshta.exe to download and execute the file.

On Windows 7 64 bit, you might be able to prompt the download page by opening:

Also, after using Comm Center, you will find a HTA in this folder that you can run:
C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalAutodesk, IncAutodesk Revit20130308_1515(x64)

Heads-up via tweet from Steve Stafford:

EDIT: Updated Links

Note – the Enhancements List shows a lot of improvements to stability, so this Update comes highly recommended.

Revit OneBox / RVT (for Suites) Update 2

Revit 2013 UR2 (32-bit) (exe – 59699Kb)
Revit 2013 UR2 (64-bit) (exe – 83079Kb)
Readme (select language version):

English (htm – 32Kb)

Enhancements Documentation (select language version):

English (pdf – 206Kb)

Autodesk – Design & Creation Suites Support – Revit 2013 Update Release 2

Revit Architecture 2013 Update 2

Revit Architecture 2013 UR2 (32-bit) (exe – 59699Kb)
Revit Architecture 2013 UR2 (64-bit) (exe – 83079Kb)
Readme (select language version):

English (htm – 32Kb)

Enhancements Documentation (select language version):

English (pdf – 202Kb)

Autodesk – Autodesk Revit Architecture Services & Support – Revit Architecture 2013 Update Release 2

Revit Structure 2013 Update 2

Revit Structure 2013 UR2 (32-bit) (exe – 59699Kb)
Revit Structure 2013 UR2 (64-bit) (exe – 83079Kb)
Readme (select language version):

English (htm – 34Kb)

Enhancements Documentation (select language version):

English (pdf – 203Kb)

Autodesk – Design & Creation Suites Support – Revit Structure 2013 Update Release 2

Revit MEP 2013 Update 2

Revit MEP 2013 UR2 (32-bit) (exe – 59699Kb)
Revit MEP 2013 UR2 (64-bit) (exe – 83079Kb)
Readme (select language version):

English (htm – 32Kb)

Enhancements Documentation (select language version):

English (pdf – 203Kb)

Autodesk – Autodesk Revit MEP Services & Support – Revit MEP 2013 Update Release 2

Older post:
It doesn’t seem to be ‘official’ yet, but the Update 2 download links are live at:

Revit Architecture 2013 Update 2

Revit Structure 2013 Update 2

Revit MEP 2013 Update 2

Revit OneBox / RVT (for Suites) Update 2

For Revit OneBox (Building Design Suite version), the link should also eventually appear at:
when it is available (I will also update this post when there is an official suite version Update 2 link)

Heads-up via:
Revit OpEd: Watch for Web Update 2

Web Update 1 was released a couple of days ago, and has been blogged, tweeted and reblogged.  Here are the key links:

For Revit Architecture:

Readme (select language version):
English (htm – 32Kb)
Enhancements Documentation (select language version):
English (pdf – 115Kb)

Main page:

For BDS or Revit OneBox:

Revit 2013 UR1 (32-bit) (exe – 52419Kb)
Revit 2013 UR1 (64-bit) (exe – 70831Kb)
Readme (select language version):
English (htm – 32Kb)
Enhancements Documentation (select language version):
English (pdf – 190Kb)

Main page:

Revit MEP

Revit MEP 2013 UR1 (32-bit) (exe – 52419Kb)
Revit MEP 2013 UR1 (64-bit) (exe – 70831Kb)
Readme (select language version):
English (htm – 32Kb)
Enhancements Documentation (select language version):
English (pdf – 121Kb)

Main page:

Revit Structure

Readme (select language version):
English (htm – 34Kb)
Enhancements Documentation (select language version):
English (pdf – 183Kb)

Main page:

Personally, I am most excited about the first item on the enhancements list:

  • Improves stability when closing a sketch editor, such as slab, site, etc., which create a large number of points. 

We have experienced many crashes running Revit 2013 and editing large sketches… hopefully this is fixed now.

Normally, you can only set the Flash Player update interval to every 7 days (using the online Global Notifications Settings Panel).

However, using the method below you can set it to check for an update every single day:

1. Run Notepad.
2. Copy and paste the two lines below into Notepad. You may want to change the AutoUpdateInterval value according to the amount of days you want it to auto check.
3. Click on the File menu and select Save As. Set the file name as mms.cfg and make sure you select All Files (*.*) for Save as type or else you will end up with mms.cfg.txt which will not work. Set the Encoding to UTF-8.
4. Browse to the following location according to your Windows version. %WINDIR% refers to your Windows directory name.

32-bit Windows – %WINDIR%System32MacromedFlash
64-bit Windows – %WINDIR%SysWow64MacromedFlash

Save MMS.cfg flash config file
5. Click Save.

Setting Adobe Flash Player Auto Update Check Interval | Raymond.CC Blog