Who qualifies?

  • available to subscribers and current maintenance plan customers

Direct Download Link

Top feature:

  • scale a fill pattern without having to reload it (plus it automatically previews the scale change)


As per the release notes, it will force a Dynamo upgrade onto your system. Currently for me, I keep DynamoInstall1.2.1.exe handy: so I uninstall Dynamo 1.3.2 and install 1.2.1. This allows me to have backward compatibility to Revit 2015, which I still need (for now).


Release Notes

YouTube Playlist here

Main Autodesk post here

Forum link here

Update 11 for Revit 2015 R2:

Readme: http://up.autodesk.com/2015/RVT/Autodesk_Revit_2015_R2_UR11_Readme.htm

Enhancements: http://revit.downloads.autodesk.com/download/2015RVT_RTM/UR11/Enhancements_List_RVT_2015_UR11_forR2.pdf



Update 11 for Revit Architecture 2015:

Update 11 for Revit LT 2015:

Update 11 for Revit Structure 2015:

As per this tweet, you can find it on your Autodesk Account under Product Updates:


For Revit 2015 R2:
This update requires one of the following:
Autodesk Revit 2015 R2 for subscription customers (build: 20140905_0730)
Autodesk Revit 2015 Update Release 9 for R2 for subscription customers (build: 20150704_0715)


Autodesk Revit 2015 Update Release 10 for R2 Readme

Enhancements (not live yet):

Additional links will be added as they become available…

Here is the Application Manager version of SP3 for Navisworks Manage 2016:

Other links:

 Autodesk_Navisworks_2016_Service_Pack_3_Multilingual_Freedom_64bit.msp (msp – 101,280KB)
 Autodesk_Navisworks_2016_Service_Pack_3_Multilingual_Manage_64bit.msp (msp – 139,380KB)
 Autodesk_Navisworks_2016_Service_Pack_3_Multilingual_Simulate_64bit.msp (msp – 139,380KB)


 Autodesk Navisworks 2016 Service Pack 3 Feature readme.pdf (pdf – 259Kb)
 Autodesk Navisworks 2016 Service Pack 3 Installation readme.pdf (pdf – 120Kb)

Autodesk page:
Navisworks 2016 Service Pack 3 | Navisworks Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Download links:
Release Notes

As can be seen in release notes below, most of these are “Improves stability…” fixes.

  Improves stability when creating dimensions.*
  Improves stability when editing families*.
  Improves placement of the site on Open IFC if the site is located away from the origin, or rotated.
  Improves data integrity of a schedule instance on a sheet with the schedule view.*
  Corrects the name of the Default Structural Area Reinforcement Schedule.*
  Improves stability when attempting to use the Selection Box tool in Reveal Constraints mode.*
  Improves stability when upgrading a model containing corrupt families.*
  Improves stability when upgrading projects which may have some corruption.*
  Improves stability when opening or upgrading a Revit 2015 project which contains stairs.*
  Corrects an issue causing view filter names to be automatically appended when workshared models are synced.
  Improves stability when editing selection sets in a workshared model.*
  Improves data integrity of Project Address for upgraded projects.*
  Improves stability when selecting a viewport with the Select by ID tool.*
  Improves stability when canceling out of the view templates dialog.*
  Improves stability when deleting an element which may have an invalid ID.*
  Improves stability when using the Options dialog to log into A360 from a workshared central file.*

  Improves stability when editing stacked wall types*.
  Improves stability when cutting rooms to the clipboard.*
  Improves stability when clicking Edit Preview in the wall structure dialog.*
  Improves stability when editing the structure of walls.*

  Improves placement fidelity with wire tags when upgrading a project.*
  Improves stability when no panel schedule template is assigned as the default.*
  Improves connection consistency of taps.
  Improves visual fidelity of lighting fixtures within a copied group after the original group is modified.*
  Improves stability when using Mechanical Settings.*
  Improves stability when upgrading a project that contains user-created pipe types.*

 Analytical Model
  Improves stability when opening a project which contains a Structural Isolated Foundation with an invalid analytical model defined as a column.*  
  Improves stability when placing a slanted column or a beam based on a Generic Model Line Based family.*  
  Improves stability after reloading an annotation symbol family used as a symbolic representation of brace elements on plan views.*  
  Improves stability when selecting a viewer element associated with Graphical Column Schedule.*  

  Improves stability when using Dynamo and the function: Select Divided Surface Families.*  
  Improves stability when DimensionSegment ValueOverride API is called when the dimension value was not overridden.*
  Improves error handling with element’s methods/properties.*
  Improves consistency of UIApplication.PostCommand for pre-selection.*
  Improves error handling with ElementCategoryFilter.*
  Improves stability when editing families which use external resources for keynotes.*
  Adds a validator to the Rotate Tap API to guard against creating invalid models.
  Improves error handling with UIDocument.PromptToPlaceViewOnSheet() function.
  Improves consistency of the RebarContainer element.*

Download UR8 for Revit 2015:
For R2

Not for R2

Enhancements List (R2):

Readme (R2):

Not for R2 – Readme

Not for R2 – Enhancements

Direct download link for Revit 2015 R2 versions:

Readme (live):


“After Update Release 7 is applied successfully, the build number specified on the Help > About dialog will be 20150303_0715. For reference, you should save this readme to your hard drive or print a copy.

Issues Resolved by this Update Release
This subscription only update release addresses issues reported to Autodesk against Autodesk Revit 2015 R2. In addition, Autodesk Revit 2015 Update Release 7 contains the fixes within Autodesk Revit 2015 Update Release 1, 2, 3, Multi-Category Schedules Hotfix for Update Release 3, Revit 2015 R2 for Subscription customers, Revit 2015 Update Release 5 for R2 and Revit 2015 Update Release 6 for R2. Consult the enhancements documentation for all areas improved by this update.”

Note: additional deployment links will follow as an update to this post when they are available.

Enhancements list (not yet live):

Download for non R2

Architecture Readme



An update to the dates:

My previous post:
What Revit Wants: Revit 2015 Update 7, and planned A360 downtime for Collaboration for Revit

The Revit Clinic has revealed some key dates for upcoming Revit releases, and the associated effect on the Collaboration for Revit platform. Highlighted in red below, it appears that the release of Update 7 (UR7) for Revit 2015 is imminent, and that Collaboration for Revit 2016 will be released on April 17. Could this mean we will see Revit 2016 available on that date also?

“The planned downtimes are as follows:
2015 Update Release 7 & C4R 2015.4 – March 6

C4R 2015.5 and C4R 2016.0 – April 17

Full post:

EDIT Thanks to Cornel for this great link, it shows a page with various flavours of the updates for Revit 2015:

Here is the link for Revit 2015 R2:



Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2015 Updates
 – Corrects the behavior that caused view templates to apply incorrectly for some views, if a temporary view
template was also applied to the view.*
– Improves stability when editing a families.*
– Improves loading and editing families which contain extensible storage.*
– Allows type parameters in upgraded families to swap from one type to another.*
– Improves stability when upgrading a project which contains corrupt families.*
– Improves notification reliability when closing a workset in which a rvt file link has been placed.*
– Improves stability while opening the Material Dialog.

Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2015 Updates
 – Improves highlighting of circuits in the plan view from a panel schedule or System Browser.*

Autodesk® Revit® API 2015 Updates
– Improves querying of point cloud on RCS files using the Revit pointcloud API.*
Direct links copied here: 

Please refer to the Readme links for installation and update enchancement information.

Revit 2015 R2
Link Description
File Name
Autodesk Revit 2015 Release 2 UR6 Readme.htm
UR6 for Existing Installs
UR6 for inclusion within Deployment Image

Revit Architecture 2015 R2
Link Description
File Name
Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015 Release 2 UR6 Readme.htm
UR6 for Existing Installs
UR6 for inclusion within Deployment Image

Revit MEP 2015 R2
Link Description
File Name
Autodesk Revit MEP 2015 Release 2 UR6 Readme.htm
UR6 for Existing Installs
UR6 for inclusion within Deployment Image

Revit Structure 2015 R2
Link Description
File Name
Autodesk Revit Structure 2015 Release 2 UR6 Readme.htm
UR6 for Existing Installs
UR6 for inclusion within Deployment Image