DisableMPPAutoApply is the revit.ini setting which essentially stops Revit from automatically applying changes from Properties Palette based on cursor movement.

Interesting, Aaron’s tweet below shows that now you can move cursor at will, and a click in the drawing canvas will “Apply” properties changes.  Do we need to make a T-shirt for AU?


Enables or disables the ability to save changes to the Properties palette by moving the cursor out of the palette without clicking Apply.
Type = integer
Valid values: 0 = no (default), 1 = yes


“Official” links have now appeared.  Enhancements Lists are finally here:
RVT enhancements
RAC enhancements
RST enhancements
RME enhancements

Original direct links are below the first line.

Another Autodesk post describes how UR2 improves building analysis, including:

  • improved handling of sandwiched materials (mm…mmmm)
  • improvement to Analytical Surface precision of around 10-20%

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Onebox – Direct link for RVT version:

Revit Architecture – Direct link for RAC version:

Revit Structure – Direct link for RST version:

Revit MEP – Direct link for MEP version:



Official pages:
Revit 2014 (One Box) Update 2
RAC 2014 Update 2
RST 2014 Update 2
RME 2014 Update 2

Main Autodesk page for RAC
Note: After Update Release is applied correctly the build number specified on the Help>About dialog will be 20131024_2115.

Readme (select language version):

English (htm – 30Kb)
Enhancements Documentation (select language version):

English (pdf – 208Kb)

“new ability to import and visualize massive datasets captured from reality as point clouds. If you are a modeler, you can view point clouds in true color in the 3ds Max viewport, interactively adjust the extent of the cloud displayed, and create new geometry in context by snapping to point cloud vertices.”

Coming 30 September 2013

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