Revit 2014 Update 2 – direct download links

“Official” links have now appeared.  Enhancements Lists are finally here:
RVT enhancements
RAC enhancements
RST enhancements
RME enhancements

Original direct links are below the first line.

Another Autodesk post describes how UR2 improves building analysis, including:

  • improved handling of sandwiched materials (mm…mmmm)
  • improvement to Analytical Surface precision of around 10-20%

Read more:

Onebox – Direct link for RVT version:

Revit Architecture – Direct link for RAC version:

Revit Structure – Direct link for RST version:

Revit MEP – Direct link for MEP version:



Official pages:
Revit 2014 (One Box) Update 2
RAC 2014 Update 2
RST 2014 Update 2
RME 2014 Update 2

Main Autodesk page for RAC
Note: After Update Release is applied correctly the build number specified on the Help>About dialog will be 20131024_2115.

Readme (select language version):

English (htm – 30Kb)
Enhancements Documentation (select language version):

English (pdf – 208Kb)

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10 years ago

Can you send me the file for add-in globe link 2014? I have subscription only for Revit 2012, and globe link running on 2012. I've install revit 2014 trial, and i have not access to susbscription for globe link 2014.
Sorry for bad english. I am from Portugal.
Rogério Agudo