Here are the basic steps:

  1. Download Office Deployment Tool
  2. Modify the configuration xml to include Updates Enabled TRUE and Current Branch info, as well as Display Level Full. Looks something like this for 32bit ProPlus (but I forget the DisplayLevel setting below):
  3. Run the setup command to download, like this
  4. After, download of Office 2016 has completed, run the installation command to install:
    setup.exe /configure c:Officeconfiguration.xml

Got this from Jetze’s blog:
to upgrade Office 365 ProPlus on a single computer to, just follow this procedure.

  1. Download the Office Deployment Tool and extract the files to a temporary location, for instance C:Office.
  2. Make a backup of the configuration.xml file and edit the contents to something similar to this:

    Note that the value for Branch is set to Current. Other valid values are Business or Validation (First Release).

  3. Execute .setup.exe /download c:Officeconfiguration.xml to download the Office files to your local computer, this may take a while.
  4. Next start the installation with .setup.exe /configure c:Officeconfiguration.xml

During the installation of Office you will be prompted to save your work and close any opened Office programs.

Jetze’s blog: Office 2016 update branches and how to force an upgrade for Office 365 ProPlus

The incompatibility between 32 bit Microsoft Office database systems and 64 bit Revit program architecture have been causing headaches for a while, but this technical solution may provide the answer you have been looking for: how to get 64 bit database drivers running alongside 32 bit Office installation.

Support page:
How to install 64-bit Microsoft Database Drivers alongside 32-bit Microsoft Office | AutoCAD Civil 3D | Autodesk Knowledge Network

The Problem:
“You cannot install the 64-bit version of Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 because you currently have 32-bit products installed…”

User-added image

Quote and heads-up from LinkedIn:
… a way to get Revit 64 bit systems to export an Access 2010 DB link on a 32 bit version. Here is the link with step by step instructions: 

How to install 64-bit Microsoft Database Drivers alongside 32-bit Microsoft Office

Finally a solution for DB Link and Access compatibility for 64 bit vs 32 bit systems | LinkedIn

I’m a big fan of Keyboard Shortcuts.  Revit, Windows, AutoCAD – I believe they are all faster when you use keys instead of the mouse alone.  I have previously posted about Revit keyboard shortcuts on various occasions.

However, this little utility is centred around teaching you the Windows and Microsoft Office keyboard shortcuts that will help you most …

Download and install Keyrocket
(direct link)

Run it by pressing Windows+K

You can easily search through keyboard shortcuts for various programs.

It will give you little tips from the tray when it thinks you could use a particular shortcut.

Learn Windows and Office Keyboard Shortcuts the Easy way • Raymond.CC

Office files… have been the major loophole exploited by malicious hackers to inject malformed data such as malformed data to spread malware.

Office File Validation add-in is available for free download from Microsoft Download Center, or directly download with the link below. Note that there are several prerequisite architecture updates to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher before you can install Office File Validation as specified in KB2501584, which should have delivered automatically via Microsoft (Windows) Update.
Microsoft Office File Validation Add-in (KB2501584): SFV.exe

Microsoft Office File Validation Add-in Free Download � My Digital Life