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The Trouble with Tribbles…

… will soon be available on their Facebook page, according to this post:

In the Mastering Revit books, we’ve gotten some great people to so some great chapters and essays for us in years past and we’re going to be digging those out in the next few weeks and posting them via Facebook online – free for you to read and distribute. It’ll be some seriously cool stuff, so keep your eyes peeled.

So, check Facebook 

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Have you tried Showcase yet?

Like Shades of Grey, I’m relatively excited about Showcase:
One of my brightest hopes for Revit 2013 is Showcase, which is a totally separate application.  Could this finally be the viewer that works ?  I’ve tried Design Review & Navis Works Freedom,  Quicktime FBX plugin, Tekla Bimsight … People are doing clever things with Game Engines, but I need a quick and easy way of bringing a lightweight export from the model into meetings.  

Evidently, you need a pretty decent system to make everything smooth, as Neil Thompson says
@jrostar it eats ram more than revit on full render.

A few links:
Suites Workflow Manager – WikiHelp

Revit Workflows in the Autodesk Building Design Suite – WikiHelp

Installation notes:

I really tried to get Showcase working without installing the whole Building Design Suite, but I haven’t figured it out yet! Here are some of the steps I tried:

  1. Install Revit, Showcase and Max (separate downloads, not from BDS media)
  2. Activate all products using a Suite license
  3. Extract the folder WorkflowInstaller from your extracted Suite archive – Content subfolder.
  4. Close all Autodesk programs
  5. Run the file AutodeskBuildingDesignSuiteWorkflows.msi from the appropriate subfolder (x64 or x86)
  6. Open Revit – Suite Workflows still not visible 🙁

Direct download Showcase 2013 (use this method):

Direct download 3dsMaxDesign 2013 (use this method):

AutoCAD Design Suite Standard 2013

Some notes about Workflows:

Need to install 3dsMax to make it work:
Revit Workflows in the Autodesk Building Design Suite – WikiHelp

Install Workflows – WikiHelp
BDSP 2013extContentWorkflowInstallerx64

What is Autodesk DirectConnect? – WikiHelp

Interesting Twitter exchange between Ian Keough (father of Dynamo) and Aaron Maller (Malleristic Revitation):

I’m beginning to think that any BIM data stored locally is a dumb idea. Anything you want to share should just live in the cloud.

@ikeough Its a cute vision, except for all of the people who need data without cloud access. Many jobsites dont have access.

@Twiceroadsfool You have a cell phone? That’s cloud access.

@ikeough Are we talking about every person on a jobsite using their personal cell phones? Or assuming every job can afford a 3g ipad?

@ikeough Im a fan of the cloud, dont get me wrong. But im responsible for real jobs that wont have access.

@Twiceroadsfool Actually I was talking about sitting at your machine working on a Revit or a Navisworks models.

@ikeough I dont see a good enough ROI in the models in the cloud, unless the site can access. Too much hassle, not enough reward. JM2C. 🙂

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Thanks to Jeremy Tammik at The Building Coder:

The recording of the Revit 2013 API webcast that we held on May 17 is now available from the ADN DevTech Webcast Recordings Archive, entering “Revit API” as the course topic, or directly from here
The 34 MB zip file includes:

  • ReadMe.txt
  • Slide deck
  • Recording
  • Code Samples

The webcast addresses two main areas: an introduction to Revit programming for beginners, including a quick walkthrough of basic concepts, and a discussion of some of the new functionality provided by the Revit 2013 API, which will be of interest to both beginners and experienced developers. The two parts are roughly equal in length.

The Building Coder: Revit 2013 API Webcast Recording