If you are using more than one Autodesk SSO, you may come across this problem…

  • After a Windows Update or something similar, Revit is not responsive after first launch. Clicking has no effect, but there is no dialog shown either.
  • You may investigate the process details and determine that LMU.exe is thrashing, and you could look at log file in C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet and see it growing. You can also observe something like this in the Revit Journal file:
    ‘C 08-Aug-2017 14:53:49.479; 0:< manage licensing
    ‘C 08-Aug-2017 14:54:03.845; 0:< License checkout failed: 20
    ‘C 08-Aug-2017 14:54:03.845; 0:< License cleanup skipped
  • This is telling us there is a licensing problem. In this case, a perpetual license has somehow become deactivated. What is the fix?

You need to login with Autodesk SSO login credentials that have the Perpetual license for that product available…

To do this:

  1. Start Revit Viewer for the same year version that is causing the problem, such as Revit Viewer 2015
  2. Use the top right panel to logout and login with the correct SSO (login credentials)

  3. Then, attempt to launch the full Revit application
  4. It should re-activate itself now that the correct login credentials have been used
  5. You can probably switch back to other credentials now that the activation has occurred

You can also use the A360 icon to sign in, this may be more reliable in some cases:

Yet another situation where you need to know What Revit Wants 🙂

Try it out

Info on exporting from Revit to this viewer, from The Building Coder:
The va3c project landing page displays the main projects addressed:

  • viewer – HTML viewer
  • GHva3c – Grasshopper va3c exporter
  • RvtVa3c – Revit va3c exporter
  • 3DS Max – JSON Exporter Max Script
  • Sketchup – Export to DAE Collada & View
  • json – JSON sample files
  • va3c – web viewer for AEC models

Take a spin with the va3c viewer demo for a quick and immediate impression of what we have achieved so far.

Read the whole post:
The Building Coder: AEC Hackathon From the Midst of the Fray

For all you Ipad users out there:

Field BIM-Interactive™ enables BIM viewing and interactivity on the iPad. Key features include:

  • A simple interface that will allow a user to put themselves “inside” the model while in the field
  • Online or offline access to interact with model files
  • Support for both Navisworks® and Revit® files (with other model types to follow)
  • Viewpoints are transferred from your model file into Field BIM-Interactive so you can quickly navigate to a specific location

Field BIM-Interactive: Construction BIM viewing on the iPad| Vela Systems

www.autodesk.de has an extended post on how to view Revit files for free at this link:
Autodesk – Autodesk Revit Viewer Free

The page reviews the following methods (none of which are very exciting):

For Revit files There are various possibilities.

Display native Revit files
  • Revit installation in viewing mode
Viewing exported data
  • Viewing DWF in Autodesk Design Review
  • DWF viewing in Internet Explorer
  • DWF Viewing into NavisWorks
  • Viewing in NWD NavisWorks Freedom

The English equivalent to the .de page is considerably shorter: