QRCodes and Revit – think of the possibilities …

Most of you already know that VEO is very smart when it comes to document handling – for example, you can easily attach PDFs to elements in the model.  You may have seen my Revit eStorage post, which allowed you to “store” any file on any element in a Revit model.  Now…

The source code for a Revit add-in project allowing you to “Generate QRcodes within Revit 2013 using native Detail objects (filled regions) and group each instance together” has recently been released.

Can you think of some file handling and document management tricks that could be implemented here?  Links to an FTP site, for example, mapped to QR codes in the RVT model?

The link to the github page is:


Twitter / kylemorin: Releasing my code for #qrcode …

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