I was playing around with the RSS search engine today, and I came across the RevitComponents site.

SERVICE | RevitComponents.com

It has an interesting mode of operation:

Our aim is to showcase professionally built models and allow BIM users to utilize them for their projects. Content is free to download by clicking on the image in each post and/or download link. The use of our Revit© content is open ended with but one restriction; selling the content in any manner is strictly prohibited. We advocate for the free exchange of file sharing with friends, colleagues, and classmates.

Relinquish Your Revit© Families
Millions of quality Families hibernate from lack of use on hard drives around the world, utilized exclusively by content creators and colleagues. We believe this information should be publicly shared to prevent the redundancy of work involved with individuals creating identical models for their sole use. Sharing your efforts and information will save time, money, and energy, and will result in a comprehensive and high quality resource library for all to use.

You were creating a cross-platform deployment, i.e., a 32-bit deployment on a 64-bit OS or vice-versa, and you added two different language packs to the deployment causing the installer to display the following error message and crash:

When creating a cross-platform deployment, only add one set of language packs to the installer per session of setup.exe. If you need to create the deployment in an additional language, you should do so in a separate session of setup.exe by launching the installer from the media and then adding a single language pack.

Autodesk – Autodesk Revit Architecture Services & Support – 2012: Installer crashes when creating cross-platform deployments with multiple language packs added in a single session of setup.exe

In order to protect your intellectual property, it may be wise to add a watermark to any animations you upload to Youtube.

One method using VirtualDubMod is described at the link below:
Put a custom watermark on your video

I used Paint.NET to delete the background from our company logo image and save as a TGA file. This was then used in the logo filter of VirtualDubMod.

Here are some animations we have produced here at Dimond Architects:

Interesting little exchange on Twitter recently, with regard to Revit hardware and benchmark performance:

@ Dell top of line Xeon workstation $3,500 benchmarks at 180. My built system $2,800 benches at 122.

Bram Weinreder 

@ 8. Yes 2012 really helps you push the limits now. Glad we invested in Xeon workstations rond year’s change.
@ We went with full custom built systems. Built by yours truly lol. AUGI bench tool for helped determine what hardware

Twitter / @Bizz: @Bramdotcom We went with f …