Just go to https://www.google.com/takeout/ and login.

Many Google Services are supported – Blogger page export was recently added.  You can also backup all of your Google Drive docs and original Youtube videos.  The list goes on:

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Google Takeout now offering Blogger and Google+ Page exports –

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the Data Liberation Front 

I have reposted Alex Vysotskiy before.  He recently uploaded a large set of Youtube videos, including a Basic Course and a course on the Family Editor.  See playlists below:

Embedded playlist – Basic Revit Training:

Embedded playlist – Family Editor:

Read the main post on his blog:
Revit and its friends: Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013: Basic (free video on-line training)


AutodeskEd’s Youtube channel has been very busy – I have collected 25 videos specifically relating to Structural users, including information on:

  • Reinforcement
  • Rebar
  • Assemblies
  • Parts
  • Loads
  • Interoperability

Link to playlist:


Check out lot’s more at:
Autodesk Building Solutions channel — http://www.youtube.com/user/AutodeskBuilding?feature=watch

Links via https://twitter.com/paulfaubin

I just grabbed them and added them to a playlist for easy access… about 3.5 hours worth!

Here are the basic video titles in the playlist (as at 17 September 2012):

Revit Architecture: How to make global changes

Understanding the building information modeling process

Revit Architecture: The Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar

Revit Architecture: How to use the modification tools

Revit Architecture: How to work with DWG files

Revit Architecture: How to add curtain walls

Revit Architecture: How to create key styles

Revit Architecture: How to use the Blend tool

Revit Architecture: Working with the Project settings

Understanding Revit Architecture’s Family Editor

How families work in Revit Architecture

How to work with Revit’s Family Editor

How to work with Revit’s reference planes

How to use Revit Architecture’s camera settings

How to use the Sun Path feature

How to use non-photorealistic renderings

What you should know about Revit Architecture

Rivet Architecture design asset management + general overview

Rivet Architecture tutorial: Building an in-place mass

Revit Architecture tutorial: Working with curtain panels

Revit Architecture: Exploring advanced stitching strategies

Revit Architecture tutorial: Understanding adaptive points

Revit Architecture tutorial: Working with DWG files

Revit Architecture: Creating custom walls

Revit Architecture: How to work with floors