Add a Logo Watermark to Walkthrough before uploading to Youtube

In order to protect your intellectual property, it may be wise to add a watermark to any animations you upload to Youtube.

One method using VirtualDubMod is described at the link below:
Put a custom watermark on your video

I used Paint.NET to delete the background from our company logo image and save as a TGA file. This was then used in the logo filter of VirtualDubMod.

Here are some animations we have produced here at Dimond Architects:

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13 years ago

You can do it in YouTube once it's uploaded too. Really simple.

Luke Johnson
13 years ago

Hey RevitKid
The problem with using the YouTube annotation feature is that 'if' someone downloads your video using DownThemAll or some other software, the annotations are not included with the video.

The method that I linked to does two things:
– embeds the watermark into the actual video, thus protecting your intellectual property
– allows you to use a image as the watermark (not just text)