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I was playing around with the RSS search engine today, and I came across the RevitComponents site.


It has an interesting mode of operation:

Our aim is to showcase professionally built models and allow BIM users to utilize them for their projects. Content is free to download by clicking on the image in each post and/or download link. The use of our Revit© content is open ended with but one restriction; selling the content in any manner is strictly prohibited. We advocate for the free exchange of file sharing with friends, colleagues, and classmates.

Relinquish Your Revit© Families
Millions of quality Families hibernate from lack of use on hard drives around the world, utilized exclusively by content creators and colleagues. We believe this information should be publicly shared to prevent the redundancy of work involved with individuals creating identical models for their sole use. Sharing your efforts and information will save time, money, and energy, and will result in a comprehensive and high quality resource library for all to use.

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8 years ago

One beg mistake I made was to wait till I came back home from holidays to download from the free download of 3D down pipes.This new site is horrible. too much clutter. I cannot find the resources I need such as down pipes and junctions in RevitCity But in former it was available.The new site To-many text than easy excess to the downloads. Former good clear designs even though it was limited but were necessary items. The new site cannot down load any plumbing accessories. Can someone guide me to Revit free downloads of plumbing of AS/NZ… Read more »