I have been experiencing some Event 1030 errors, and the ‘Details’ tab in the Event Viewer shows the following:

ErrorDescription Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.           following asf

To correct this, I have tried removing the stored usernames and passwords (on Windows Vista), using this technique:

  • Type Control keymgr.dll and hit ENTER
  • The Window Stored Usernames and Passwords opens, this is we’re you can edit, backup or remove them easily.

This information was found at:

Revit 2011 (Mental Ray) utilises all available CPU cores that the OS can ‘see.’  When multitasking, your PC may slow to a crawl after a render begins.  You can limit the amount of CPU time that the Render process sees by either:

  1. Adjusting the ‘Affinity’ to limit the amount of cores the render process can access (using Task Manager).
  2. Adjusting the ‘Priority’ to Low to allow other processes to have more overall CPU time.

Simply open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and then right-click on the render process (fbxooprender2.exe).  You can now adjust the Affinity and Priority.

Video below:

“Dimond Architects has been able to recently put forward a proposal for a prototype version of the design for Taiwan (to later be incorporated into Eco-City projects in mainland China).”

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Dimond Architects Blog: Sustainable Cities Event 2010 – Singapore: “For hundreds of thousands of years man fought to make a place for himself in nature. For the first time in the history of our species, the s…”


You want to know which families are cuttable and which are not.  Revit 2011 help gives the answer:

Cuttable families (link):
Curtain Wall Panels
Generic Models
Structural Columns
Structural Foundations
Structural Framing

Non-cuttable families (link):
Detail Items
Electrical Equipment
Electrical Fixtures
Furniture Systems
Lighting Fixtures
Mechanical Equipment
Plumbing Fixtures
Specialty Equipment

What is a cuttable family?

If a family is cuttable, the family displays as cut when the cut plane of a view intersects that family in all types of views.  From Revit 2011 help.

“Do you want to get an advance peek at possible new features, or even influence future releases of the Revit application suite?
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