Have you struggled to install nview on Windows 7 64-bit?  Here are the steps:
Step 1 – Download the latest Drivers from the nVidia website

Step 2 – Download WinRAR (you could use 7-zip)

Step 3 – Open the Driver file with WinRAR and extract the nView.CAB file (onto your desktop for now)

Step 4 – Open the nView.cab file with WinRAR and extract all the files into a folder on your desktop

Step 5 – Run the nviewsetup.exe file as normal. 

I found these steps at:
These steps may help you install nview in a number of different situations.
What does nview do?
nVIew display management software provides:
  • Intuitive interface for easy display management
  • Customizable desktop by various usage models
  • Robust IT management tools for easy deployment and maintenance
  • Tested compatibility with industry-leading business applications
  • Proven stability – over millions of enterprise installations
I don’t know about you, but the two main ‘Advantage Pack’ features seem a little boring to me.
I can certainly see that Revit Server will be useful for large multinational companies, and the environmental analysis for large scale high rise massing.  But surely this is only a percentage of all Subscription users?
Then again, I assume Autodesk have done their research, so perhaps these features were chosen based on the fact that they would make ‘most’ subscription users excited?
What do you think?
In RAC 2011, we can not directly modify the display name for a ‘My Places’ entry in the Open dialog.
This needs to be done in the Registry, as described over at Do U Revit in 2009.
I made a brief video of this process (there is no audio).
  1. Open Revit, go to Open dialog, add a folder to the ‘My Places’ dialog.
  2. Save the changes.
  3. Close Revit.  (You may not even have to close / re-open Revit).
  4. Open Registry Editor.
  5. Go to [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAutodeskRevitAutodesk Revit Architecture 2011ProfilesAllAnavDialogs] (for 64 bit)
  6. Modify the ‘PlacesOrderxDisplay’ for the appropriate index / number entry.
  7. Re-open Revit.
 Be careful when modifying the Registry – you can break things if you aren’t careful.