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Here’s a taste:
3. Need a slope annotation on your ramp in a plan view? It can’t be done without this trick!
Why won’t it work? Okay, I’ll check with the Revit developers… but in the meantime, do this:
a. Open a 3D top-down view (click on the Top of the view cube) showing the ramp.
b. Use the Spot Slope tool to place a slope arrow on the ramp in the 3D view.
c. Select the spot slope annotation. Click Ctr-x (cut to clipboard).
d. Open the plan view. In Modify tab, click Paste drop-down and choose > Aligned to Current View.
e. The parametric slope arrow now exists on the ramp in the plan view!

Thanks to author Trey Klein.

Heads-up and link from betterREVIT:
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Let’s say you want to take a door from one Level of the building, then use the Create Similar tool to make an instance of this door on a different Level.
This is quite easy.  Just open a view from each plan, select the Door, trigger the Create Similar command, and then switch views.
The Create Similar tool is still running, so you can happily place your Door.
Really quick video is provided below: