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Here’s a thought to start your Monday with:
A license of Revit is just like a ticket on a plane.  You have to use it to get anywhere.  The final destination? 
BIM excellence.

The inevitable clash between Autodesk and M-SIX is beginning to surface on Twitter.  Let’s have a look at a few recent ‘conversations’:

Firstly, we now measure the success of BIM in degrees:

In comes Autodesk:

And on and on it goes…

Interesting conversation on Twitter recently – basically Especs and NBS were mentioned as possible methods of linking specifications to Revit.  What method do you use?

Looking into #BIM and #Revit to see how specifications can be directly linked. Via key noting possibly? Anyone had any experiences to date?
@Matt_J_Fox @MarkSchuey You can link you NBS Spec to Revit keynotes using this…

@SteveDeadman @Matt_J_Fox @MarkSchuey Don’t have any experience with it myself, but this looks promising:… not free tho!

Twitter / @Matt_J_Fox: Looking into #BIM and #Rev …

It can be really had to keep up with all of the Twitter and blog data that is generated every day on the topic of Revit.  However, if you have the time to skim through the main Revit blogs and tweets, you will likely find something that will increase your productivity.

In the interest of sharing, here are a few links that may help you get started –

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Revit OpEd: Blog Listing – Revit Focus

Revit chat (IRC site open to guests): 

Revit content:
Crowd sourced content list

Do you ever have trouble installing Revit?

David Jnr Adjei

2012 does not want to install on my PC. It never completes, Help?
Luke Johnson

Use Process Explorer and kill any msiexec that keeps thrashing the CPU high .. after this installation should continue
David Jnr Adjei

Luke that worked perfectly, finally can get some work done. Thanks for your help
Luke Johnson
Glad I could help! Have fun with it.

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