@davewlight David Light

Wow, didn’t catch this, but don’t put #vasari exe in program folders or program data.

jadamthomas J. Adam Thomas

@davewlight what happened?

@davewlight David Light

RT @jadamthomas @davewlight what happened? I have been getting data corruption & install says not 2 do

jadamthomas J. Adam Thomas

@davewlight oh wow! Well thanks for the heads up

Like Life…or Wife? Funny Twitter exchange below:

David Light

in reply to

Simon Whitbread
almost right Dave, one letter though. Treat like WIFE… Gently and with respect. You’ll achieve so much more 😉

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Interesting little exchange on Twitter recently, with regard to Revit hardware and benchmark performance:

@ Dell top of line Xeon workstation $3,500 benchmarks at 180. My built system $2,800 benches at 122.

Bram Weinreder 

@ 8. Yes 2012 really helps you push the limits now. Glad we invested in Xeon workstations rond year’s change.
@ We went with full custom built systems. Built by yours truly lol. AUGI bench tool for helped determine what hardware

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