Linking Specifications to Revit – Especs or NBS or ??

Interesting conversation on Twitter recently – basically Especs and NBS were mentioned as possible methods of linking specifications to Revit.  What method do you use?

Looking into #BIM and #Revit to see how specifications can be directly linked. Via key noting possibly? Anyone had any experiences to date?
@Matt_J_Fox @MarkSchuey You can link you NBS Spec to Revit keynotes using this…

@SteveDeadman @Matt_J_Fox @MarkSchuey Don’t have any experience with it myself, but this looks promising:… not free tho!

Twitter / @Matt_J_Fox: Looking into #BIM and #Rev …

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12 years ago

We currently use BSD Speclink and I have messed around a very little bit with the Linkman-e, which is a connection to the spec software from Revit. Its very promising, but your library needs to be managed to truly leverage the link efficiently. We're working on cleaning up our library before really looking to implement- @jrostar

Brian Payne
12 years ago

We are using E-Specs…I have been blogging on this topic at As Jason wrote, it's a lot of work, but we are finding it worth it.

11 years ago

Feel free to join in on the Revit Genome Project.