Ok, the review quoted below may be biased, but the Solibri product is worth keeping in mind.  They also make a free IFC Optimizer that can be useful when moving a model from ArchiCAD into Revit.

Navisworks is now an Autodesk product, with a vast sales and marketing machinery to boost its implementation, so this is understandable. But Solibri Model Checker does so much more than Navisworks, and while it has its share of success stories, especially in Europe where Solibri is based, it does not enjoy the perception of near-ubiquitous adoption that an application like Navisworks has, at least in the US. Solibri Model Checker is gaining some momentum in FIATECH and the GSA, which is promising.

Solibri Model Checker v7: AECbytes Product Review

Image from AECbytes review page

You may be unfortunate enough to have to translate a BIM model from ArchiCAD into Revit. I have done this in the past (with limited success) using IFC.

However, I was browsing the AUGI Forums today and came across this post, which recommended the use of Solibri IFC Optimizer. This is a free Java utility that launches from your browser (you do need to register first). You then feed your IFC file into it, and it, well, optimizes the file.

I gave it a go and it reduced an IFC I recently worked on from 21.6 mb to 13.7 mb – so it actually does work.

Check it out if you are using IFC…