We’ve talked about exporting shared parameters before, but when you are editing a Titleblock (that you have inherited from somewhere) you may find that the Family Types dialog does not list all of the parameters that may already be in use in Labels in that Titleblock family.

So, how do we export those parameters? Easy:

  1. Select a Label
  2. Click Edit Label
  3. In the dialog that appears, select the parameter you want to export in the list on the left
  4. Click the tiny pencil and paper button
  5. Click Export. Done!

There are at least two distinct ways to move an item via dimension edit in the Family Editor, but they can have very different results.  See video:

My video is directly derivative of one from Steve Stafford last week.  Steve demonstrated some interesting behaviour along basically the same lines at:
Revit OpEd: Two Minutes with Constraint Quirkiness

For example, I wanted a feed for AIA East Bay that only included posts with the label ‘Revit’.  Here is what the split feed looks like:

Easy way to do it:
To convert that search label into a Blogger RSS feed, replace the string /search/label/ with /feeds/posts/default/-/ so the new feed URL for that search label has the following syntax:
Offer RSS Feeds for Blogger Search Labels Similar to WordPress Category Feeds

Another example – all of the What Revit Wants posts that include the label ‘pdf’ can be found as a feed at:

Also see:

Create a WordPress feed for a particular label:
It is even easier.  To subscribe to a particular category feed of a WordPress blog, all you have to do is add /feed after the category url (link).

eg. http://cadspeed.wordpress.com/tag/revit/feed/