Dividing a Blogger or WordPress feed by Label

For example, I wanted a feed for AIA East Bay that only included posts with the label ‘Revit’.  Here is what the split feed looks like:

Easy way to do it:
To convert that search label into a Blogger RSS feed, replace the string /search/label/ with /feeds/posts/default/-/ so the new feed URL for that search label has the following syntax:
Offer RSS Feeds for Blogger Search Labels Similar to WordPress Category Feeds

Another example – all of the What Revit Wants posts that include the label ‘pdf’ can be found as a feed at:

Also see:

Create a WordPress feed for a particular label:
It is even easier.  To subscribe to a particular category feed of a WordPress blog, all you have to do is add /feed after the category url (link).

eg. http://cadspeed.wordpress.com/tag/revit/feed/

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