Making unhosted components like unhosted Doors and Windows

Sometimes you may want to use a Door or Window family that is not hosted by a particular wall.  That way, if the host wall is deleted, the unhosted component will still persist.  Here’s how:

  1. New – Family – Generic Model
  2. Draw something
  3. Family Category and Parameters – change to Door or Window
  4. You may wish to set to Work Plane Based (so you can schedule by Level)
  5. Save
  6. Load into project
  7. ‘Door’ command – you can choose your unhosted Door family, but it does not need to be placed in a wall.  It can ‘live’ independently.

These unhosted components can be useful if you want to retain schedule information for a door that has been removed from the project design.  You can make an unhosted door that only has a few invisible symbolic lines in it – nothing that will print, but it will still schedule and can have a Description like “Door deleted from Construction Set”.

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Bjorn Keulemans
Bjorn Keulemans
12 years ago

Hey Luke,

You made a typo on point 3, needs to be the Family Category and Parameters button not Family Types.


Luke Johnson
12 years ago

Thanks Bjorn, fixed now.