Free Revit Door Families for download including Nested Panels and Nested Frames – highly parametric!

Aaron Maller, aka twiceroadsfool, has been sharing his Revit door family package on RevitForum for the past few years. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out his post in the thread here:

In the thread, he gives instructions on how the door families work, and a link to download the 179mb zip package:
First important part. The way they work is you only place the ones that say DOOR at the beginning of their name, obviously.

Download Link for the v4 Doors, a sample file with the doors in them, and the Door Schedule accompanying them, is here:…

Thanks for sharing Aaron!

Older posts:
Doors for download, Nested Panels and Nested Frames..

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Aaron Maller
8 years ago

Thanks for the shoutout, Luke! The v4's are in the much later thread. The v5's are done, but ive taken a slightly minor new direction (new naming conventions, for a LOT more Frame and Panel options…).

Stay tuned for V6, as they will be posted soon! V6 includes frame types broken out by PROFILE style: Single rabbet, double rabbit, Wood, Wood with reveals, aluminum, etc. They also include the parameters for the hardware symbols, which can be managed with any Excel interoperable workflow! Keep watching that space!

Ryan Solomon
Ryan Solomon
4 years ago

Hi there! Should we be able to download from the Dropbox folder?