At Dimond Architects, we recently responded to an interesting client brief.

The Client was seeking a scheme that retained existing trees, provided affordable housing and was highly rated in terms of energy efficiency.

Our design essentially achieved these aims. We were sensitive to the significant existing trees on the site, and a vegetation buffer was maintained along 3 sides of the lot. The overall impact of the provision of carparks was minimised.

Given the need for affordable housing in Australia, and indeed in many parts of the world, we feel that our experience in combining affordability with energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity will be of great benefit to future Clients.

The Dimond Architects team has a combined focus for 2010 on professional development in the area of sustainability. We aim as a team to further build upon our green credentials which will affirm our profile as an environmentally focused architectural practice. These goals are exemplified by our membership to the Green Building Council of Australia and our Director’s Professional Development commitments impacting the whole team.

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Okay, we are not all in love with Revit – it can even be frustrating at times.

But check out this link:

In part, the author states “Here at LPA, we’ve begun to bring all of the various integrated sustainable design disciplines in-house, which I think directly relates to the adoption and full utilization of Revit and all its potential.”

I discussed some similar comments in my What Inspires You? post.

We here at Dimond Architects continually strive to keep pace with current and emerging technologies, and have made a significant shift from AutoCAD to Revit as our design and documentation software of choice.

The result of this shift is a better, more comprehensive and coordinated architectural package that can be delivered to the Client in a variety of interesting forms.

I work at Dimond Architects on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Our practice was recently featured in ‘Belle’ magazine.

Check it out on our company blog at company website is – have a look at our Project Gallery.

In any field, there are those who work primarily for money, and those who work for passion (and many are somewhere in between 🙂 When it comes to architecture, many graduates would say they are inspired by ‘design’ or ‘the environment’. But what about those staff members in a more technical role, perhaps as CAD or BIM operators?

As a CAD Technician / IT Manager at Dimond Architects Pty Ltd, and in a role that is rapidly evolving towards a BIM focus, what motivates and inspires me? Well, I am a very inquisitive person that enjoys learning. I also enjoy the feeling of a ‘job well done’. In that context, I am inspired by accurate, rich and aesthetically pleasing architecture. I am thus motivated to create an electronic, digital version of that architecture that will enhance the building delivery process at every stage.

It really excites me to see some lines on a page become an intelligent, precise, beautiful building model, that can be easily viewed, navigated and altered. The full benefits and amazing uses of this technology are not yet fully explored. I am deeply interested in BIM and where it is heading. I aim to keep in touch with the many facets of building modeling that I encounter here at Dimond Architects.

As a practice, we continually aim to enhance our practice through electronic means. We take regular steps to keep pace with technology, and our Clients are reaping the benefits. One major factor in our current technological advantage has been our adoption of the Revit BIM Platform. I am keen to see where this technology can take Dimond Architects in the future.

One final thought – don’t divorce passion from your career.