There is huge amounts of data available to Revit users.  Some of you may already be aware of the portal slash blog directory slash aggregator site that I have set up at

Don Rudder has recently created a about Revit (and RTC) at

Then there is the Revit Hate site that I have posted about previously, but happily there is also a Revit Love site that you can check out.  These sites bring together comments from Twitter and Facebook for easy reading.

Do you use a different Revit Portal or aggregator site?  Feel free to comment.

Release 2011: The Families Guide was not updated for Revit 2011. Please use the 2010 edition of the Families Guide.

Autodesk – Autodesk Revit Architecture Services & Support – Families Guide

Do you get the feeling that perhaps, if Autodesk put it off long enough, they won’t have to update some of this documentation?

With the official Wiki now in operation, and a plethora of blogs, where will Autodesk draw the line with regards to Help documentation?

We are all grateful for Update 1 for Revit 2010. But who in the blogosphere posted it first?

According to my research:

EDIT: Steve from Revit OpEd has quite rightly noted that he was actually the first at T minus 56 minutes (56 mins before Gregory). Touché!

  1. Gregory Arkin – (first!)
  2. Harlan Brumm – The Revit Clinic (about 1 hr 41 mins later than the first)
  3. Jay Polding – revit in plain english (about 1 hr 59 mins later than the first)
  4. The Revit Kid! (about 2 hr 25 mins later than the first)
  5. Erik Egbertson – Inside the Factory (about 2 hr 47 mins later than the first)
  6. Jeremy Tammik – The Building Coder (about 3 hr later than the first)
  7. Erik Lewis – Who’s afraid of the Big Bad BIM? (about 12 hr 51 mins later than the first)

What’s the point of this? Well, it shows that ‘the system works’ and the word certainly gets out! It also shows who I subscribe to and how quick they were off the mark!Hopefully I have helped you connect to some of these great blogs.

So, I’m thinking I would like to start getting some more followers.

I really appreciate you 3 guys (my current followers), really I do!

I found a good site at:

I think the tip about making sure your blog gets pinged was great. Go to the following sites to make it happen: