Just go to https://www.google.com/takeout/ and login.

Many Google Services are supported – Blogger page export was recently added.  You can also backup all of your Google Drive docs and original Youtube videos.  The list goes on:

Some more info:
Google Takeout now offering Blogger and Google+ Page exports –

And some seemingly outdated (?) info at:
the Data Liberation Front 

I get pretty excited when a new Revit blog comes online – is that sad? Revit: Down to the Details has put out some cool posts since it started two months ago, particularly related to fine detailing and also a few posts on rotating curtain panels – both Pattern and System based.

One that particularly caught my eye was this (also thanks to Andy):
Revit: Down to the Details: Rotating Curtain Panel Revisted

In the words of the blog author, MerryMan:
I pride myself at being very efficient at creating Revit components and sometimes going a bit overboard when it comes to creating some of the details of the object.

I hoard information.  And I like Revit.

How do I keep up with the Revit world?

I have a couple of Twitter searches set up, including #revit.  This gets forwarded by RSS into my huge Revit blog reading list, shared at this link.  Then, I get this reading list sent by email to a portable Thunderbird profile.  Finally, I have setup an auto-pdf creation process, which turns all of those blogs and tweets into daily PDFs.  I have basically created an archive of pretty much every Revit blog post over the past few years.

Currently, my RSS folder has 5795 files and is over 2.6 GB

My Revit Training folder on the NAS at our office is well over 54 GB – I use various tools to download Youtube, Autodesk and Vimeo videos so that I have an offline copy.

There is one slight problem – there is sometimes simply too much information to take in.  I have had a couple of weeks off, so now my Revit blog ‘unread’ list is over 1000 posts 🙁 

Time to do some skimming … once you get Google Reader going at a nice quick scrolling pace, you can get through a lot of information quickly 😉

Image at http://steve.files.wordpress.com/

What Revit Wants finally hit 1000 subscribers on 7 June!  Interestingly, I also made my 1000th post during the past week. Thanks for all of your comments too, I enjoy the interaction.  I hope you are enjoying the blog.

There are 75 posts in my Drafts folder – so there is plenty of Revit goodness still to come 🙂

And let me know if there is something interesting you would like me to post – message me on Twitter @lukeyjohnson .

The author of RevitToday posted a comment on one of my posts yesterday, so I went to the blog to have a look.
He has provided a couple of extensions you can download:

Export XYZ from Revit 2011

This extension for Revit 2011 exports all coordinates of Point Based Generic Models to an Excel file.

You can locate Point Based Generic Models in your whole model. You are able to nest such a Family within another. These points are exported as well when you make this family Shared.

You can download it here. (It has been compiled for Windows XP 32 bits)

Import coordinates into Revit 2011

I updated the Revit 2010 extension for importing coordinates from a TXT file. You are free to select a family of your own. It should be a Point Based family of course.

You can download the extension here.

(It has been compiled for Windows XP 32 bits)