From a LinkedIn discussion:
normal .ifc file from Tekla with the rebar option ticked and imported it into MicroStation, from there I exported a .sat file of the rebar and inserted it into Revit. Of course this means you can’t modify it in anyway but if all you need it for is to cut sections then works quite well. 

Precast modeling export to Revit | LinkedIn


Are you interested in Tekla to Revit (and back) interoperability?  Then check out:
Tekla-Revit Interoperability Forum | LinkedIn

Various plug-ins and workflows are available which may help you coordinate the two systems effectively.

One such workflow focuses on using BCF plugins to coordinate and transmit Comments:

  • Identify an issue in your model / linked model
  • highlight and comment in the plugin tool
  • send tiny file to dropbox /shared server / email
  • fellow consultant opens comment which zooms to correct location in Revit / Tekla Structures and can immediately take action. 

From Highlight and comment directly from Revit into Tekla Structures (and back again) | LinkedIn

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I am.

Ostensibly, they start along the lines of “my firm is implementing new systems, what software should we choose…”  Then, very quickly they become a mud-flinging game of mirrors, misdirected passion and other more general angst (Why does Program X hate me?)  They are littered with sarcasm, attempted yet misunderstood humour, and a few genuine users who take the time to relate their personal experience.

A great example is this ArchiCAD vs Revit discussion.  Please note that it is in the ArchiCAD group (meaning your submissions may be moderated by a pro-ArchiCAD discussion manager).

Another similar discussion: