This is a new Revit site that may prove very useful to you, whether you are a veteran or just starting out.  It includes Links, News, Resources and Tutorials.

The look and feel of the site is quite nice.  It is easy to navigate and looks slick.

From their webpage:
RevitLink is a source for all things related to Autodesk Revit Architecture. We offer the latest Revit news, free Revit tutorials, Revit resources, as well as useful links to other websites.

If you want to subscribe to their RSS, you can check out:

There is huge amounts of data available to Revit users.  Some of you may already be aware of the portal slash blog directory slash aggregator site that I have set up at

Don Rudder has recently created a about Revit (and RTC) at

Then there is the Revit Hate site that I have posted about previously, but happily there is also a Revit Love site that you can check out.  These sites bring together comments from Twitter and Facebook for easy reading.

Do you use a different Revit Portal or aggregator site?  Feel free to comment.

This is a little plug for a new blog called Autodesk Explorer. Its still in its infancy, but if you are anything like me, you will want to add this to your extensive Revit blog reading list. There was a good tip on finding warning related objects in 3D wireframe mode:
Autodesk Explorer: Warnings, Warnings & More Warnings

If you would like to see a list of blogs I follow (with current posts), head over to:
Revit Professionals (aka Revit Blog Directory)