From Autodesk: Here is the URL to download the Desktop Connector. Please download and install the latest version to continue to use the Desktop Connector.

PLESE NOTE: This update must be completed by July 31 in order to continue to use the Desktop Connector.

This update also includes the following improvements:

  • Support for right-click functionality to delete files & folders, rename folders, and create folders
  • Improved caching to improve the user experience and performance
  • Recent bug fixes. For updates, view our list of known issues.

Please download and install this new version to take advantage of these updates. NOTE: The new installer will remove any previous installations of the Desktop Connector automatically.

For additional details on the updates to the Desktop Connector and the latest BIM 360 releases, please visit the BIM 360 Release Notes.

If you Close All Worksets when opening a model on BIM 360 Design, you may get this error (related to Project Info):

Can’t edit the element. It was deleted in the Central Model.


As you can see, it is related to the Project Info : Project Information element:

The error looks like this. You must click Cancel to proceed:

It appears to be some synchronisation bug or similar, possibly related to BIM 360 cloud worksharing. You can force the error to reappear by clicking on the Location option in the Ribbon

To fix it, try doing a full Sync with Central. It seems that this rectifies the bug for that session and future sessions with that particular cloud workshared model.

I have been finetuning my office-at-home recently, and it turns out I have lots of computer screens available. However, it is not always easy to connect multiple (like 4) screens to one computer or laptop. What if you could use a piece of software to extend your available screens onto another computer entirely?

That’s where spacedesk comes in…

  1. Ensure both computers or laptops are on the same LAN
  2. Install the server software on your main PC (the one you actually want to work on)
    Windows 10 64 bit or 32 bit or Others
  3. Install the client software on the machine that has spare monitors (you are just going to use these as slaves to the main pc)
    Windows or Others including Apple etc
  4. Launch the client software
  5. Click on the server PCspacedesk VIEWER - BETA O.g.g.z.52 (expiry date: December 31st 2018) 
File View Functionality Settings Help 
Connect to Primary Machine (Server) 
META80X1 ( 

  6. A window launches, you can use View – Full Screen
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for each secondary monitor you want to add from other pcs
  8. These show up in Windows and you can adjust resolution:



Basically this is screen extension or mirroring technology, so you will still be bound to network speed and may experience some compression, because your main pc is actually sending frames over the network to the other pc. Overall, it seems to work quite well.

Go crazy with multiple monitors people!

Read the documentation here

If you have moved your project onto BIM 360 Docs, it might make sense to store related project resources (Shared Parameter files and Classification resources like Uniformat) in the same cloud as well.


Here’s how you can do it (using Revit 2018.3):

  1. Setup the BIM 360 connector still currently in beta
  2. Ensure you can see the BIM 360 (Preview) item in Windows Explorer
  3. Using BIM 360, create a suitable folder under the Project Files area, and upload your resource file, such as UniformatClassifications_2010.txt
  4. Browse to that folder in Windows Explorer:

  5. Open Revit
  6. Navigate to Manage – Additional Settings – Assembly Code Settings
  7. Click Browse
  8. Copy and Paste the folder address from Windows Explorer (which actually shows the local sync location for BIM 360 data, typically C:\Users\YourUserName\BIM 360\YourBIM360License\YourBIM360Project\Project Files\
  9. Back in Revit, after navigating to the correct BIM 360 folder, select the text file resource and click Open
  10. Revit detects that this resource is stored on BIM 360 Docs and you can proceed…
  11. Sync your model to save the settings

You should be able to use the same process to save other files like Keynote references and Shared Parameter files in the cloud. Keep in mind that you will still have to manage BIM 360 access control, as you probably don’t want multiple people actually be able to edit these files.

Assembly Code on BIM 360

Don’t forget you can also get the free Autodesk Classification Manager for Revit here.